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  1. Guy Threepwood

    There's not a single US state where a minimum wage worker can afford a 2-bedroom rental

    I agree it's a problem, buying your first home has always been a major step on the ladder to financial independence and the American Dream. Many factors play a role in raising that bar beyond the reach of many good hard working people; - property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, environmental...
  2. Guy Threepwood

    Epigenetic Inheritance in Humans

    Like many atheists, I refused to acknowledge my belief as such- so I didn't need a whole lot of arguments against God, according to atheist tenets, a-theism is not a belief at all, it is merely a disbelief (of the alternative) so I imagined that my belief was immune from any burden of proof -...
  3. Guy Threepwood

    Atheism and the Big Bang

    I'm asking what your own personal opinion is on this evidence, the whole point of science is NOT having to take other people's word for it. Would you not agree Hubert?
  4. Guy Threepwood

    Atheism and the Big Bang

    Likewise, you seem perfectly reasonable and capable of critical thought to me- I have to say so anyway since I used to be convinced of Darwinian evolution also! But few things are as subjective as 'evidence' and 'facts'... If we do see shared traits, some jumps, gaps, disappearances, a few...
  5. Guy Threepwood

    Epigenetic Inheritance in Humans

    exactly- 4 royal flushes in a row is no more unlikely than any particular sequence of 20 cards right? i.e. the reason we know intelligent agency is involved, is not the improbability of that particular sequence relative to any others, but the higher probability of a better explanation for it-...
  6. Guy Threepwood

    U.S. charitable giving tops $400 billion for first time

    absolutely, I have relatives in the UK who were always staunch fans (ideologically) of their national healthcare system, berating the evils of private healthcare- when something major came up (requiring heart surgery) after several weeks of delays, confusion, frustration (which doesn't help a...
  7. Guy Threepwood

    Couldn't design it if you tried

    How would a caveman grasp all the design stages of a smart phone? What mechanism do the designers of internet servers, browsers, software and hardware use to coerce electrons in our computers to display these words? What makes it all possible is ultimately will, desire, motive, purpose...
  8. Guy Threepwood

    Atheism and the Big Bang

    That would be his point I believe... a stable ordered explosion which just happens to manufacture a wide range of specific more complex elements necessary for not only life on Earth, but resources that it's technologically advanced life can use to further explore, understand, appreciate...
  9. Guy Threepwood

    Atheism and the Big Bang

    So much for atheism not making any positive assertions! I used to feel exactly the same-
  10. Guy Threepwood

    Atheism and the Big Bang

    As I think we discussed before, many atheists mocked and rejected the Big Bang for the exact reasons you state here; the overt implications of a creator that THEY perceived in such a specific creation event. They preferred a range of static/eternal models for the opposite rationale: 'no...
  11. Guy Threepwood

    What is the universal God or no God?

    We agree entirely Dragon, but unfortunately not all scientists agree with us. Evolution is a fact. Beyond reasonable doubt, beyond serious doubt, beyond sane, informed, intelligent doubt, beyond doubt evolution is a fact...Dawkins Like most faithful, I acknowledge my faith in my beliefs as...
  12. Guy Threepwood

    Did Science (and Mr. Rogers) Prove God?

    Exactly, so automated function ≠ automated origin, in fact we have more far more definitive examples to make the opposite argument from don't we?
  13. Guy Threepwood

    Epigenetic Inheritance in Humans

    I did for about 30 years, and so I still think most people who believe in Darwinism are perfectly intelligent, honest, and capable of critical thought. Are you conceding that you cannot say the same for considering dissenting opinions? I'm saying that a jury should hear the evidence on both...
  14. Guy Threepwood

    Why Evolution and Christianity are Fundamentally Irreconcilable

    Darwinian evolution arose out of a classical understanding of reality, Darwin reasonably expected that life might have developed by the same general classical mechanisms as physics- which in his day meant a few simple laws over lots of time= lots of sophisticated emergent properties...
  15. Guy Threepwood

    Threads about Theism and what it is

    A Theist doesn't try to duck the positive assertion, if we called ourselves 'a-naturalists' and tried to frame our belief as a mere disbelief of the alternative- I'd expect to be called out on that too!
  16. Guy Threepwood

    Epigenetic Inheritance in Humans

    And I've heard that argument before too- But you can see the problem with it, if the poker player plays 4 royal flushes in a row winning a million bucks, and as the 'anti fraud' guy at the casino- you tell your boss not to worry; it happened so it has a probability of 1! let him keep playing-...
  17. Guy Threepwood

    Where is the evidence for non- creationism?

    and if you spent another 30 secs, you might have found this 'Detailed anatomical analysis suggested that Samotherium is not an ancestor of the giraffes' 7-Million-Year-Old Fossils Show How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck ID predicts that life did not develop by slow gradual incremental...
  18. Guy Threepwood

    Epigenetic Inheritance in Humans

    You are using proof of it right now, an intelligently designed digital information system- not to say one cannot also be created spontaneously, but this cannot be verified and is certainly arguably, mathematically problematic. For the record I was brought up atheist, argued strongly for...
  19. Guy Threepwood

    Where is the evidence for non- creationism?

    Of course we have learned more, and validated predictions on one side at least the Cambrian and other explosions of sophistication in life were real events, as skeptics predicted, not just artifacts of an incomplete record as Darwin predicted The cell is not a simple blob of protoplasm that...
  20. Guy Threepwood

    Epigenetic Inheritance in Humans

    I accept the all evidence, and draw a different conclusion from it We can directly test, observe, repeat selective breeding in dogs. That's empirical evidence for genetic inheritance (with creative intelligence guiding in this case) We cannot do the same for a single cell becoming a human...