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  1. whereismynotecard

    Do you believe in the death penalty?

    I don't like it unless it's in self-defense or in defense of someone else - that is, that the person at fault is presently attacking someone and killing them right now is the only way to save the person being attacked. (I don't like it in that case either - but I can see how it would be...
  2. whereismynotecard

    Is animal testing justified

    I prefer volunteers to be tested, or for treatments to be tested out on those who are at the end of their options - like a treatment for a dog sickness that we're not sure will work - test it on a dog with that sickness and who has tried everything else and will die otherwise. If the products...
  3. whereismynotecard

    The First Amendment be Damned.

    That's what private schools are for. Kinda seems like the parents who support this the most care about religion a lot... so their kids probably hear enough about it at home anyway. Other kids and teachers give you dirty looks and ***** at you when you don't participate in "optional" things...
  4. whereismynotecard

    Thank you, my good sir. Perhaps I shall. :D

    Thank you, my good sir. Perhaps I shall. :D
  5. whereismynotecard

    Incoherent Nonsense

    Usually you don't know someone is a rapist until they rape someone. It's not like immigration is gonna ask them if they are a rapist, get an honest answer, and then send them back to rape people in their own country instead. I don't think there are travel bans against rapists even when they are...
  6. whereismynotecard

    Young people losing their hearing

    What? I couldn't hear you. Seriously though (not sure if I qualify as "young" anymore,) but I sometimes wonder if working at KFC for two years and wearing that dreaded drive through headset could have damaged my hearing. I had to do a hearing test at university later and they claimed my hearing...
  7. whereismynotecard

    What are you drinking?

    Water. But I will have a coffee soon. There's nothing like a nice 10:30pm coffee to help me relax. Except maybe a delicious screwdriver in the morning before an important interview or test. I like choosing my beverages dangerously. I'm kinda like the Cheeto guy in that way.
  8. whereismynotecard

    What was last movie you watched?

    The most recent movie I've seen was "Split." Somehow I didn't know M. Night Shyamalan was the director from the previews, so it wasn't until I was already in the theater reading the beginning credits that I realized what I was getting myself into. Once I read his name, nothing but the last...
  9. whereismynotecard

    Any Beatles fans out there?

    I love The Beatles. Always have. Literally always. My dad and grand-dad liked them so I heard their music all the time ever since I was little. A couple of their songs make me kinda sad because they were played at my grandfather's funeral - but they are good songs. It's not the songs' fault...
  10. whereismynotecard

    What does your name mean?

    "Hannah, also spelt Hanna, Hana, Geeja, or Chana, is a given name. In the Hebrew language Ḥannah (חַנָּה) means "God's given gift to the world", or "He (God) has favoured me/favours me [with a child]"." "Meaning, origin and history of the name Hannah. From theHebrew name חַנָּה (Channah)...
  11. whereismynotecard

    Ask Me Anything (except the location of my notecard.)

    I think I only beat a few of the dark aeons on the remastered version. If I had had that game in high school, I'm sure I would have gone crazy with it and beaten them all - since I did do all of the side stuff on the non-remastered version in high school "just for the hell of it." I like doing...
  12. whereismynotecard

    TV show that you are watching right now

    I'm watching Buffy on Netflix. Not literally right now, but that's my "I feel like watching a show so I will watch something" show at the moment. Also Will and Grace - but not on Netflix, because it's not on there right now. I'm fairly confident I've seen every single Will and Grace episode...
  13. whereismynotecard

    Neutering Female Cartoon Characters

    I noticed a lot of new animation just sucks all together. Like whatever recent version of the ninja turtles that looks like a ten year old drew it. Or My Little Pony's more recent animation choices. Everything just looks cheaper and more hastily thrown together than it did in the ****ing...
  14. whereismynotecard

    America still needs Feminism

    Clinton was judged so harshly for faults that were less than Trump's - whose faults seemed to be either ignored or embraced. The results of the election were like a double punch in the face to feminism - an unqualified, entitled, misogynist man won, and a qualified woman who worked harder to...
  15. whereismynotecard

    Would you ban the Burka and Niqab? (Feminists Only)

    It would be like banning bras and shirts for women in hot climates or in the summer or at a pool - sure, forcing us to cover our boobs when men can go shirtless without anyone caring is bull****, but since I've been conditioned to feel uncomfortable and ashamed of having boobs, if I wasn't...
  16. whereismynotecard

    What is the strangest dream you ever had?

    I have lots of weird dreams. They aren't totally insane though. Probably normal as far as dreams go, but dreams always seem weird compared to reality. I often dream that I'm going to high school, but I haven't been in high school since 2007 and have even gone to university since then, so I...
  17. whereismynotecard

    Incoherent Nonsense

    Oh, no... No no no no no no no no. Sometimes I make tea and forget I made tea and think it's coffee for a second and put creamer in it though, and then immediately think to myself, "Oh no.... No no no no no no no no..."
  18. whereismynotecard

    Where do You Sit on the PURPLE-RED Scale OF Attraction?

    AB2.5 (I went ahead and took the liberty of placing myself between A and B and between 2 and 3. Sexuality is so complicated.)
  19. whereismynotecard

    Ask Me Anything (except the location of my notecard.)

    The first time I played FFX, I didn't spend too much time screwing around on side quests, so the final battles were kinda hard and it took me several tries. Eventually though, I did all the extra stuff and then when I did the final battles again, I was just like, "hit it with Yuna's staff a...
  20. whereismynotecard

    Incoherent Nonsense

    I don't remember feeling like 27 was one of my favorite numbers, but I'm betting I was just having a good feeling about it being divisible by nine.