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  1. Noaidi

    Should Scotland be Independent?

    I believe the proposals will either be reneged upon or watered down at best. We don't even fully know what these supposed additional powers are, let alone when they are to be implemented. I wonder how many 'No' voters are now seriously reflecting on their decision, given the paucity of concrete...
  2. Noaidi

    Hey, thanks for te frubal. Just noticed I got a new one!

    Hey, thanks for te frubal. Just noticed I got a new one!
  3. Noaidi

    The creationist's argument and its greatest weakness

    There was a thread a couple of years back asking creationists to offer their evidence for their views without mentioning evolution at all. It died pretty quickly, if I remember correctly. It seems odd that their entire argument is based on a supposed rebuttal of a verifiable and reliable...
  4. Noaidi

    Can you be a Pantheist and an Atheist?

    I fully agree with this. I am an atheist, but have a strong pantheistic view of the world. Spiritually, Nature fulfills me completely and that's all I need.
  5. Noaidi

    Does belief in the Flood indicate intellectual incapacity?

    No-one is denying floods, rusra. The point in question is whether the details as outlined in the bible constitute fact.
  6. Noaidi

    The blind faith of the evolutionists

    That's the best way to put it: it's a population's response to a changing environment. It really is that simple.
  7. Noaidi

    Why do most scientists accept evolution.

    "Nothing in Biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." Dobzhansky
  8. Noaidi

    The photos in your album are amazing!

    The photos in your album are amazing!
  9. Noaidi

    Evolution is a fact, and a theory

    I know this has been addressed (but generally ignored) in numerous other threads, but let's try it here: Leave aside evolution and, instead, present the evidence for the competing orchard model. Ignore evolution entirely and only present your evidence for the creationist model.
  10. Noaidi

    Evolution is a fact, and a theory

    The whole article is well worth reading.
  11. Noaidi

    Hey, thanks for the frubal, atanu!

    Hey, thanks for the frubal, atanu!
  12. Noaidi

    Free Education from Political Control

    This is one of the main concerns of teachers today in the UK. The drive to perform well in league tables negates the purpose of education. We are under constant pressure to perform well in these tables that we resort to "teaching to the test", thereby leaving behind the pupils that are not...
  13. Noaidi

    sex education

    Yes, these aspects are not within the remit of sex education (at least in the UK). In a science class, the focus is on the anatomical aspects and in PSE (personal and social education), the focus is on relationships. I'm not sure what boundaries would be pushed if teachers taught about...
  14. Noaidi

    Canada Probably Produced The Greatest TV Show Ever!

    TV has reached Canada? Man, I need to watch the news more.
  15. Noaidi


  16. Noaidi


    What does ' not beyond reform or repentance' entail?
  17. Noaidi


  18. Noaidi


    But what if an evil person firmly adheres to the belief that Jesus is their saviour. Will they be admitted into heaven? Edit: or an evil person repents, but does nothing physical in reparation to those he offended?
  19. Noaidi


    This is what I understand it to be. You can be an absolute bstard, but as long as you believe that jesus is your saviour, then you'll be ok.
  20. Noaidi

    A Stunning Challenge to Atheists from Answers in Genesis

    The name 'Bodie Hodge' put me off from exploring any further. Never trust a Bodie.