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    Evidence of UUA interfaith contacts with smaller world religions

    Hello, I wonder if the UUA ever does any overseas contact or links or studying or anything with smaller world religiions, like for instance Alevis in turkey, or Cheondogyo in Korea. If so, would you tell me how that works?
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    what do you think of me persuasion to religion statement

    this is a concept presented by someone that knows that there is religion to those that have not got the same level of proof. i cannot persuade because of the lack of evidence so I try to use intelligent design arguments, but those are pretty unconvincing to atheists or agnostic or materialists...
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    cosmic man concept as humanist

    there's a cosmic man (woman) concept in Taoism, Hinduism, probably some others i missed that show that the human being, singular, is a reflection of the universe, in structure (whether esoteric or exoteric) and I was just goin to contribute, that most humanism out there ignores god and focuses...
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    philosophy in u.u.

    does anyone here think that philosophy is inherantly unitarian universalist as u.u. is all about humanism? I find that comparing religious systems, like hInduism and bUddhism and cHristianity, is an endeavor that is greatly boosted by putting along side these, the complex and interesting...
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    nicest unitarian universalist church/cathedral?

    a second question... google images are hard to find? which U.U. congregation has the nicest / most opulent / impressive building? i am guessing it is one of the larger ones like all souls in new york or tulsa?
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    unitarian u congregations?

    hello, I am new to unitarian universalism and slowly becoming one. I have a question if any one knows, which u.u. congregations out there have a strong strain of buddhism in their practice/theology/teaching? I am asking because I want to find a decent congregation to take sunday sermons online...
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    "Chinese Folk Religion"

    like some social democracy/green distributism crossed with some tiantai and some indigenous chinese religion?
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    "Chinese Folk Religion"

    is it getting uh, <loosens collar> hot in here?
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    scriptures for chinese traditional religion?

    hullo, I was wondering if anyone on these boards knew of some scriptures for chinese traditional religion, as I am learning about it... I have found one thing out, it is hard to find scriptures for it, maybe it is temple worship only. All I can find is the I ching and the Jade Calender. I mean...
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    are there any similarities between Igbo and Yoruba religion?

    i.e. did they influence each other? are they of similar belief?
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    corrospondances in Hinduism

    hello, I am studying hinduism, and I have noticed a certain feature of these religions which is very interesting to me, that is, the way that parts of hindu society correspond to hindu religious concepts. for instance in classical Hindu music many melodies are associated with different deities...
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    natural theology technician

    phenomenology helps with this - seperate your experience in a week into 30 minute segments and step back, look at the ethical/religious content of those objectively to see what pops out at you...
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    natural theology technician

    what do people on this board think of using "natural theology" i.e. unbiased reasoning rather than scriptural traditions to study God(s)? my experience is, some kind of religion is what is going on in this universe, and many of the religions out there cover the same material. they cover the...
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    creator god vs. gods in indigenous

    religious rites/dances/magic to appease malevolent bogeymen creatures, a more benevolent deity not present in the world, creates the world or people or whatever, then basicly leaves. no rites, no theology no appeasement, few stories, i.e. in christianity / buddhism, the benevolent deity is...
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    do conservative shrauta brahmins adhere to vedanta?

    or are they... polytheist? i mean the small minority that isn't smarta and still practices vedic yajnas in full? i don't know any hehe so i thought i'd ask those who might know the answer? another question - they probably are not all about temple worship, right? not puranic in any way? do they...
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    buddhist ethics and cosmology

    I have a difficult time understanding buddhist ethics... it seems strange to me how a tradition could be so ethical, as ethical as the most ethical western traditions, never kill, never harm etc., yet it's core goal is about ceasing to exist, not caring, becoming unattached, that seems out of...
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    afterlife in mahayana?

    um i had heard that in the Lotus Sutra the idea was suggested when a boddhisatva that had acheived final nirvana appears, miraculously, to talk to and authenticate the words of a present boddhisatva, kind of like a 'hint' that there is survival after final nirvana and that even then one still...
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    afterlife in mahayana?

    hello, i am wondering about some mahayana buddhist traditions, and their concept of the afterlife... my understanding of Tendai buddhism, is that the lotus sutra is more suggestive of a real afterlife than say theraveda buddhism... that the pali canon in theraveda leaves open the question, will...
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    creator god vs. gods in indigenous

    how common is the idea in indigenous religious traditions (even dead ones) of a distant benevolent sky father/mother/original/creator deity that no one really speaks of much or deals with, and more malevolent creatures that are APPEASED b/c on earth peoplem simply have to deal with them? is...