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Search results

  1. Kimberlee

    United Church of God

    ok so i'm a christian that believes in keeping the sabbath and food laws..... i most identify with the united church of God as far as christian denominations go. do any of you think that is close to messianic judaism? they keep the feast days also. just wondering if it's basically the same thing...
  2. Kimberlee

    need some suggestions...

    my cousin is a year and a half old and has cerebral palsy. he is underweight and we have been trying everything to get him to gain some weight. he has been 14 lbs the last couple of dr apts. he is 2 weeks older than my daughter and she is like 24 lbs. anyways i know it has a lot to do with...
  3. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    does anyone on here keep the sabbath? go to church on the sabbath? if so how do you keep the sabbath holy? and do so many people not do it anymore. it never was done away with in the bible and was part of the ten comandments so why is it not important anymore? i'm going to church today. i...
  4. Kimberlee

    Famous scientists that believed in God

    very interesting! Famous Scientists Who Believed in God
  5. Kimberlee

    The demon possessed...

    so we have been studying demon possession in bible study at my church which has been a really interesting study and has actually convicted me to not listen to the music i used to and this was just about 2 weeks ago. anyways i believe satan works through people with demons to attack God and his...
  6. Kimberlee

    My best friend is doing meth....

    and im shocked! really she was always strong willed and cared so much about her body. always worked out, and was obsessed with eating healthy so why would she do this to her self? im so disappointed but ready to be there for her and get her out of this. i just don't know what all to say and do...
  7. Kimberlee

    Halloween 2

    so did you go see it? what did you think? I think the killing scenes were really brutal and intense but I was so much for the story line. the last one was a better story I thought. if that makes any since
  8. Kimberlee

    Death metal...

    does anyone here listen to any death metal or grindcore or black metal???? just wondering and if you do what bands? some of my favorites are morbid angel bloodbath necrophagist gorguts thats just a few of them
  9. Kimberlee

    Herbert Armstrong

    I was dating this guy that was a member of the philidephia Church of God so I thought that was interesting because I grew up in the Church of God 7th day. he started telling me about how he follows what Herbert Armstrong (the leader or man who started the World Wide Church of God) and he told...