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  1. Firemorphic

    God is everywhere; is God in Hell?

    YES But the correct phrasing is that Hell is in God, as with heaven, earth, the universe etc. Nothing can exist absent from God.
  2. Firemorphic

    Christianity vs. Islam

    How so? If Prophets are real things, then there has to actually be real flesh-and-blood Prophets at some point and not just rumor of such a thing. Only the Qur'an breaks out of that loop, because it's delivered and propagated by a real-life Prophet (or at the very least, someone who claimed to...
  3. Firemorphic

    The age when life has the most meaning

    I don't think age has much to do with it (aside from the self-awareness that comes later in the teen years). More than anything else it is the comprehension of self, time, world and the abyss of death that all culminate into a true appreciation of the meaning of things. It's not something...
  4. Firemorphic

    Christianity vs. Islam

    So are you, like Atheists, just saying here that the Prophets were just book characters? How can it 'distort' the Bible? if the Qur'an is the word of God than the Bible (which is the word of man), is completely irrelevant. It's the opposite. The Qur'an constantly speaks against such things...
  5. Firemorphic

    Christianity vs. Islam

    Slightly better than Christians being both opposed to Jews AND Muslims. But this is not a confirmation of your allegation, because that is a false generalization that is based in your own offense drawn from the exclusive truthclaim of the idea that salvation is only through some incarnation of...
  6. Firemorphic

    Christianity vs. Islam

    Well the Epistles of Paul at least. Everything else is anarchonism from later Christian doctrine and dogma (such as applying John 3:16 to Jesus himself when he's clearly teaching an allegory in that passage).
  7. Firemorphic

    Would an abrahamic believer pick up a book with "witchcraft" as its title?

    Probably, if it's an interesting read.
  8. Firemorphic

    Christianity vs. Islam

    One good quote I heard once is that "Christianity is God-individualized and Man-Universalized". This is of course a completely different view to Islam with God's Absoluteness being fully emphasized in the more core of doctrines, Tawhid (Unity of God). God-as-reality-itself (al-Haqq) rather than...
  9. Firemorphic

    Christianity vs. Islam

    The core of Christian doctrine is "God made man", aka the incarnation of the logos as the historical figure of Jesus Christ. This is obviously an anthropomorphism of God, take it or leave it. The centerpiece and raison d'être of Christianity is in the resurrection of Jesus, the idea that his...
  10. Firemorphic

    How ****ed up is this

    He certainly doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.
  11. Firemorphic

    How ****ed up is this

    Yeah, not good.
  12. Firemorphic

    How ****ed up is this

    Yeah, Pakistan is pretty crap. Devastating news :(
  13. Firemorphic

    Six Muslim men sentenced to jail, fine for going to waterfall instead of Friday prayers

    Seriously one of the strangest news stories I've ever heard in my life
  14. Firemorphic

    Starting a non Christian philosophy group

    Colossians 2:8 "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ." Dude, I was trying to reason with this fundi Christian only a few weeks ago (not here) and...
  15. Firemorphic

    Atheists: Supposing God Appeared Before You...

    I never defined anything, maybe you're confusing your discussion with someone else. I would not consider a creature to be God, that is blatant contradiction. You don't get what I said. What you keep describing is the "creation" side of the dichotomy, not "creator", that's why I mentioned it...
  16. Firemorphic

    Atheists: Supposing God Appeared Before You...

    I do agree with you but not context you're speaking in. None of what you've described would ever be considered by me to be "God" and to consider the existence of a 'thing' such as that would be absurd. All you've described is something indiscernible (in principle) from something in 'Creation'...
  17. Firemorphic

    Atheists: Supposing God Appeared Before You...

    The question would be, what are you expecting to 'see' that you think you aren't?
  18. Firemorphic

    Atheists: Supposing God Appeared Before You...

    An entity is not God, so that cancels out fantasy novels of floating giants in outer-space as qualifying for "God". If you've applied any anthropomorphism whatsoever, to God then you have not described God.
  19. Firemorphic


    One of my favorite songs by him, that entire album completely took me back when I first heard it. Now you've reminded me to listen to it again :D (and I have not thought of Cohen's music for quite a while....) That song itself has a really strange melancholy that I cannot describe, it's very...
  20. Firemorphic

    Transcendant Songs

    I remember that film, brings back memories!