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  1. J

    Pro Israeli...sorry Pro Palestine protest marches

    This weeks "Economist" magazine profiled in its final Obituary page Vivian Silver.Round the world we have pro Israeli and Pro Palestine marches.These have been to a degree hijacked by the radical left and right.Vivian Silver organised lots of marches with up to 45,000 joint Jewish and Arab...
  2. J

    Could Laser technology help 41 trapped Indian workers?

    We all watch helplessly. 41 Indian workers have been trapped for 2 weeks and perhaps a lot longer now.The mechanical drill is not up to the task and is "kaput".Rescue workers have reverted to picks and shovels.It may not be a solution but could laser tech warm up the rocks and speed up the...
  3. J

    Self harm & suicide - Help and healing.

    Previous generations could afford to feed a family buy a house and a car on a low income.This is often no longer possible and young people are under severe pressure.Suicide is the most common reason for death among young people and males are three tiomes more likely to be at risk than...
  4. J


    The Japanese used to have completely empty spaces before they got western furniture and culture.That was the best.
  5. J

    African 2023 Climate conference: Nice lunch and....

    This is very deep analysis.Geography lecturer?
  6. J

    President Biden approval among Arab American voters.

    "There are three kinds of lies.Lies,dammed lies and statistics" Mark Twain
  7. J

    Moody's changes U.S. credit outlook to negative as shutdown looms

    That will cheer up the Russian Central bank.Moody's and other awarded them junk status.
  8. J

    Biden 2024. Why, or why not

    Biden is a good man and honest.This is why he will lose. Social media rightly or wrongly give the IMPRESSION Americans are WORSE OFF.Voters always want a change so I think Trump will win.
  9. J

    Supreme Court to Decide Whether to Kick Trump Off Ballot

    Trump must be allowed to run.In fairness he could well win.USA voters have short memories.Also Trump does not have to deliver solutions to bring back American jobs if he does win - which is an impossibility given how cheap other countries are.He just has to promise to do so.
  10. J

    multinationals shifting profit to lower-taxing countries cost the nation's Treasury $11 billion in lost tax earnings in 2020.

    Trumps ambitions and aims are laudable.Keep manufacturing in USA.The reality is companies need to pay manufacturing workers in USA say 30-50 k in dollars.Lots of East European countries and other will do it for one third or less. I expect Trump to be voted in .However There is no way given...
  11. J

    Schumer changes Senate dress code

    Problem is they are a lot lot lot of clever people who do not wear suits.They just never got the chance.Let them wear what they want.
  12. J

    How can some Americans support a traitor for a President?

    Some people love Broccoli. Some hate it. You can't change people's minds (or only with difficulty). As manufacturing goes overseas many see Trump as their only hope.Of course the jobs will NOT come back no one wants to work for sweat labour. Trump tells the Proud boys they are great,He tells...
  13. J

    Russia May Have Just Given Ukraine Terms for Ending War

    Perfectly acceptable.If Russia gives Ukraine all its territory back.It could help with cheap oil to Ukraine for all the people killed buildings blasted to rubble.
  14. J

    What book r u reading?

    The great post office scandal by Nick Wallis ( copied review below) This factual thriller details a scandal which has been described as one of the most widespread and significant miscarriages of justice in legal history. On 23rd April 2021, the Court of Appeal quashed the convictions of 39...
  15. J

    African 2023 Climate conference: Nice lunch and....

    Google “Kenya and Pandora papers”. Urge ordinary Kenyans. Many of the African leaders attending the climate change summit in Kenya “yes we can” influence climate change. If they only choose to bring back some of this enormous wealth and invest it green energy in AFRICA. Why ever do they want to...
  16. J

    Russia impounds Goldman Sachs assets worth 36 million dollars

    You need to read Bill Browder Freezing assets and Red notice. He details how this money is not used for the good of ordinary HONEST Russians but stolen by officials to buy luxury homes and cars. They know if they keep it Russia .When their kids spend it the honest FSB and Ukrainian intelligence...
  17. J

    Rishi Sunak

    Mr Sunak is one of the nice guys and makes perfect sense. Which is why he will not elected in 2024.
  18. J

    Climate change as a tool of tyranny

    One wonders how heart felt the Climate change agenda actually is. Take the most recent climate change conference in Kenya. Google "Kenya Pandora papers" Kenyans and others are in shock at the mega amount of money deposited abroad. This could be used for solar panels, Wind energy in Kenya and...