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  1. Aštra’el

    Let’s try a serious discussion about “wokeism”.

    Wokism is an impressive form of modern indoctrination that teaches the gullible followers who submit to it to obsess over race and oppression, and to actively look for it in every aspect of life- even when there is none- and to leverage it as much as possible to the exclusive benefit of a select...
  2. Aštra’el

    My own journal

    @Starlight I would just create a new journal thread since none of these people are respecting the space you set aside to compose your thoughts.
  3. Aštra’el

    Are we ready for the 2024 elections?

    The titles transcend time and space. As such the true Wall is yet to come after Trump wins 2024, and Ukraine is paying for it.
  4. Aštra’el

    Are we ready for the 2024 elections?

    My vote is for the Chosen One… God Emperor Donaldus of House Trump, First of His Name, Lord of the 50 States, Warden of the West, Nemesis of the Left, Slayer of the Hillary Dragon, Deporter of Illegals, Grabber of ___, and Builder of the Wall.
  5. Aštra’el

    Created Evils

    I love that verse. The Supreme God is absolutely awesome… in all His aspects. I worship Him as the ultimate embodiment of Creation and Destruction, and Divine Order over Primordial Chaos. As for any Cosmic Duality that might exist Above or Below or Within us… I’ve worshipped the “Light”…...
  6. Aštra’el

    Is Christ superior to other Prophets/Founders

    Christ isn’t just a person to them, but often a path, a Weltanschauung, even a lifestyle. I completely understand where any feelings of superiority come from- not just in Christianity, but in other systems as well- where any person or culture who deeply resonates with their gods or prophets...
  7. Aštra’el

    The Self-Absorbed Moral Judgments from Some Western Liberals

    I could not care less about the politics of the people who make my games. Just give me a weapon, a digital fantasy world to explore, some bosses to fight, some epic music… and let me murder and mayhem my way to happiness. It’s relaxing and therapeutic… and I don’t need Red and Blue’s drama...
  8. Aštra’el

    I really like wiccan ethical rules

    I am reminded of Master Qui-Gon Jinn- “Always remember: Your focus determines your reality.”
  9. Aštra’el

    Favourite Thing to do on RF?

    I like to look for the rare posts on RF where people describe the gods or goddesses of their religions with great enthusiasm and passion… I want to hear about your deities… or the demons, or the angels, or whatever forces Above or Below or Within! I want to know what they mean to those of you...
  10. Aštra’el

    Love Isn't Pagan???

    You are free to feel however you will about it. There are many who would agree with you. I feel another way about this… and there are many who would agree with me. This topic has been blessed with multiple perspectives.
  11. Aštra’el

    Love Isn't Pagan???

    Like the world around us… humans are beautiful and humans are terrible. It is our Nature. Christians are no different. Their Christ is an impossible standard… because Jesus is their embodiment of unconditional love, hope, kindness, compassion, empathy, humility, redemption, salvation, and...
  12. Aštra’el

    Love Isn't Pagan???

    That is not at all what I said… in fact I said the complete opposite. Love in any form is not a value that originated with Christians, nor is it exclusively Christian. Unconditional love is still a Christian value.
  13. Aštra’el

    Love Isn't Pagan???

    It is not silly at all. It is a Christian value. They worship Christ, who exemplifies unconditional love. This does not mean that love (in any form) can not also be a pagan value. It certainly can be.
  14. Aštra’el

    Russians Paid Trump

    I admire quite a few “despots”…past and present. I will have to disagree that admiring another human being or their qualities- no matter how great or terrible they are- makes one “trash”. I can find something to admire in just about anyone… and something to hate, if I chose to focus on that...
  15. Aštra’el

    AOC comic book? Vs. Biden?

    I think we can all agree that you-know-who might make a more suitable and exciting comic book superhero…
  16. Aštra’el

    Fox Knew They Were Peddling 2020 Election Lies

    I am not nearly that passionate about “the news”. The news that interests me the most is the weather actually. It’s objective, and can be exciting, and I don’t have to hear about Red and Blue obsessing over each other. I’d much rather watch storm chaser tornado videos on YouTube then listen...
  17. Aštra’el

    Fox Knew They Were Peddling 2020 Election Lies

    They condemn FOX but they believe everything CNN tells them. :facepalm:
  18. Aštra’el

    Poor Cop Training: Be Afraid, & Shoot First

    Nah it’s usually just the one on the wheel and the other hand hanging out the window, arm resting along the door. I’m just perfectly relaxed, respectful and cooperative… which is a huge relief actually because there was an entire decade of my life when I did have much to fear from being pulled...