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  1. G

    Random mutations?!!!

    I'm just saying if you keep asking the "Why does...." question if will eventually come back to God. Just try me.
  2. G

    One small point for even god to consider

    I believe that God exists outside of the realm of time. But you kinda defeated your own argument because you're saying that something cannot come from nothing.(at least if you ask that question)
  3. G

    Random mutations?!!!

    I was just wondering how people say that our bodies and our world are all a product of random mutation. I mean, when we get cut, our bodies heal ourselves. Now I'm sure you could give me some complex answer as to why this happens. But even then, the question remains, "why do those certain things...
  4. G

    North America.One nation?

    I'll have to do that.
  5. G

    American Idol

    American Idol's evil?? ummhhh....ok.
  6. G

    North America.One nation?

    Ya, he might be a moron. He has some crazy beliefs but sometimes he does sound like he knows what he's talkin' about.
  7. G

    North America.One nation?

    My engish teacher was talking the other day about how Bush and the presidents of Canada and Mexico are wanting to join the three and make one large nation. I'm a little weary of its validity but I didn't know if anyone else heard anything about it. ???
  8. G

    Florida or Tennessee?

    I just won't vote because I love the beach and I love the mountains.
  9. G

    Why do Jews not believe Jesus is God's son?Anybody Jewish want to answer?

    I've often wondered why Jews do not believe that Jesus is God's son when they believe the old testament and the old testament fortells of his coming.A man came to my church the other day and he said that the reason is that when all the "christians" were persecuting people for not being...
  10. G

    Why was it necessary for God to sacrifice His son, Jesus?

    Because we as humans are too sinful to make it to heaven on our own merit.But Jesus came and died for us because he loved us enough to give us a chance to go to heaven.All we have to do is accept that sacrifice for us and live our lives as best as we can for God and that'll be enough.
  11. G

    Most people follow Paul not Christ

    I could add loads to this yet scriptures do it far better and let Paul condemn him self with his own words. I think in the Bible when we see so-called "contradictions",than they are there because there is a line between them.For instance,the verse where Jesus says we are supposed to embrace...
  12. G

    Favorite Christmas Song?

    "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" played on a classical guitar.O ya!:jam:
  13. G

    Why do non-christians celebrate christmas?

    I was just a little curious since Christmas is celebrating when Jesus was born.
  14. G

    Christians - Relationships

    I definantly feel your pain on this one.Me and my girlfriend recently broke up and it's the crapiest situation I've EVER had to be in.I know you guys haven't actually broke up I just mean I know the kind of pain your feeling.You know,just because at this point you don't exactly feel comfortable...
  15. G

    Current Events in Israel

    I'm as clueless as you are.Sorry.:jiggy:
  16. G

    Imagine where we would be in the year 5000

    I believe the Lord will come before the year 5000.But if he didn't dicide to come(ya right)than it would be exremely crazy.Flying cars,instant transporting machines,cities in space,there's not limit to what we could do in 3000 years.
  17. G

    Blaming Women for Being Raped

    First off,I do NOT believe that women are responsible for being raped under any circumstance.However,are not women a lot more likely to get raped if they are dressing innapropriatly?Again,no man has the right to take advantage of a woman simply because she dresses badly,but does it not encourage...
  18. G

    Blaming Women for Being Raped

    Let me get this out of the way-I don't think women are responsible for being raped.However,that doesn't change the fact that they are more likely to get raped if they dress innapropriately.No one can deny that fact.
  19. G

    Why do you worship what you do?

    I worship God because he created everything and I think that's a good enough reason to worship anything-because he created you.I worship Jesus because he came and died on the cross for me because I'm too sinful to make it to heaven on my own.
  20. G

    What makes someone attractive?

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.What some people find ugly someone else might find beautiful.It all depends on the person.