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  1. FyreBrigidIce

    A Candid Discussion on Homosexuality

    I can sexually love another woman or man based on different things. Yes, I am Bi-sexual and proud of it. Personally speaking, if a woman or man has a good personality and treats others with respect and dignity, lifts them up instead of stomping a mud-hole in them while they are down, I can be...
  2. FyreBrigidIce

    Returning Noob (lol)

    That is what I was called when I was here before as well so yes please feel free to.
  3. FyreBrigidIce

    Returning Noob (lol)

    YAY and stuff. I remember you too. Thank you for the welcome.
  4. FyreBrigidIce

    Returning Noob (lol)

    I am sure those will cause quite a spark. thank you. :p
  5. FyreBrigidIce

    Returning Noob (lol)

    Merry Meet and hello from a returning OLD member. It has been a quite a few years since I have been active on here, Hence the Noob reference of myself. I consider myself an Eclectic pagan. I do not eat babies. I do not sacrifice virgins (well, not in the way the negative stereotypes suggest...
  6. FyreBrigidIce

    Be Alert...The world needs more lerts.

    Be Alert...The world needs more lerts.
  7. FyreBrigidIce

    Movies You've Seen Recently

    I almost did. FBI
  8. FyreBrigidIce

    Happy birthday Trey of Diamonds!

    Happy Birthday!!!! FBI
  9. FyreBrigidIce

    Why is dish-washing such an aweful experience?

    I hate doing dishes because of my back. I can only do a few dishes at a time because my back hurts after standing for too long. My daughter is not old enough to do them yet and my hubby works all day so does not have to do them since I am home most of the day by myself. FBI
  10. FyreBrigidIce

    Movies You've Seen Recently

    I just saw BOLT yesterday. I enjoyed it very much. I laughed a lot. FBI
  11. FyreBrigidIce

    pandora internet radio

    Cool, I just added it to my faves on my toolbar. I am listening to an Evanescence station. Thanks for sharing this with us, idea. FBI
  12. FyreBrigidIce

    Happy Birthday - Comet

    Happy belated birthday!!!! FBI
  13. FyreBrigidIce


    Sorry that it is quite a few days late. Happy belated birthday!!!! FBI
  14. FyreBrigidIce

    Adoption psycholgically harmful?

    I have allowed my oldest daughter to be adopted by the foster family that took care of her after being abused in my home. It was a hard decision to make and I am still haunted by that decision. I believe I did the best thing for her because I did not want her to be afraid of being home with me...
  15. FyreBrigidIce


    Happy birthday!!!! FBI
  16. FyreBrigidIce

    Happy Belated Birthday Ultraviolet!!

    Happy belated birthday!!!!! Fbi
  17. FyreBrigidIce

    Happy birthday- draka

    It a few days late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! FBI
  18. FyreBrigidIce

    How often do you tell your family that you love them?

    I tell my family members that I love them whenever I can because I never know what is going to happen in the future and I want them to know how much they mean to me. FBI
  19. FyreBrigidIce

    Would you say you get/got on better with your Mum or Dad?

    My mom and I are closer than my dad and I. I have three dads though. My biological dad, my step-dad, and a father figure that has adopted me as his daughter(not in the legal sense because I am too old for that) I am closer to my adopted dad than I am the legitimate dads I have. I love them...