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  1. LUKAS

    Do we really follow Christ?

    Let me tell ya something, Jimbob. I'm from Argentina, do you know where it is? sure you don't. it's in south america. in the mid 70's this country went thru a very bad time, we had a coup d'etat carried by the army. it was terrible, a lot of people were killed, abducted and tortured. "what's it...
  2. LUKAS

    Can God be Surprised?

    Hi! I just don't know how to say this, but... asking about God and his stuff is like wondering if the angels can fly backward!!! we just don't know, it's impossible to know, it's impossible to know if God has created angels. Why would He? did He need help to do something? Don't think so... I...
  3. LUKAS

    Do we really follow Christ?

    I don't believe any war is just or necessary. Christ came here to change the world and He didn't do it thru violence. Why should we do so? Are we so eager to throw down Saddam as we are to erradicate poverty or preventing it from spreading throughout the world as it is now? C'mon guys, we know...
  4. LUKAS

    Do we really follow Christ?

    I have only one question to the Christian Baptists that support/ed the war on Iraq. how can you do that? I mean, if we really sticked to what Jesus said, we should be totally against any kind of violence or war, shouldn't we? we should not pay an eye for an eye, that's what Jesus said, right? we...
  5. LUKAS

    Do we really follow Christ?

    It is a special message to all the christians who support/ed the war on Iraq. I just wanted to know how a Christian can agree on waging war. Isn't it opposed to what Jesus said, didn't He said: love your enemy? how can some christians defend a terrible idea like war? aren't we called to...
  6. LUKAS

    Does science prove the existence of god?

    it's absolutely irrational to try to prove the existence of somethin that, by definition, is unmaterial. no real christian would deny that. by the way, if you could prove the existence of god, automatically you would have to discard it as a god, since it would be material (that is, mutable)...
  7. LUKAS

    For those of you looking for absolute proof that God exists....

    the only real proof we have for god's existence is, to my knowledge: all of the cultures in all times have believed in something they called god or gods. people still believe in god even when they can't see him or feel thru the senses. second, htere must be a First Cause. I know, you may ask: if...
  8. LUKAS

    Question to Athiests.

    hey there! first off, you CAN'T prove the non-existence of something!!! second, I agree with some ideas the atheists hold, and I'm still cristhian! as long as you guys try to do the best thing every time you can, it doesn't matter if you're atheist, agnostic, jewish or whatever, you have to be...
  9. LUKAS

    Why I Am A Baptist Christian

    It's me again. I'm not quite sure what a "frubal" is. do you guys give it to me? what are they for?? well, that's all I wanted to know. So far I have 38 frubals and I don't know what that means. I know this ain't the place to ask, but... thanks to you all, guys