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Search results

  1. Neo Deist

    Others Like It...You Hate It.

    Rap music. Pop music. Country music. Any singer that uses Autotune. Commercials. People that drive slow in the passing lane.
  2. Neo Deist

    Design your funeral

    Cremate my body, put my ashes in a living urn, and then plant me. My ashes will grow into a mighty oak tree that will provide shade, a habitat for animals, food for rodents, limbs to climb on for children, and life renewed.
  3. Neo Deist

    Just Addressing Yet Another Absurd, Dishonest Atheistic Argument

    I don't care about what's in the box, but rather, who put the box there in the first place. ;)
  4. Neo Deist

    New here

    Run away while you still can before @Revoltingest tempts you with bacon...
  5. Neo Deist

    Christians..................... and their worldly wealth.

    The "eye of the needle" is metaphorical for a gate that led into Jerusalem. At night, the main gates would be closed, but a smaller, side gate would remain open for travelers. However, that gate could only be passed through by a camel if the baggage/luggage/wares were removed. The verse is...
  6. Neo Deist

    Bah...Internet Forums Are All The Same

    Grand is one way to describe it. I dabbled with a debate site and the censorship there was ridiculous. The public votes on the debate once it is concluded, but if one of the debaters did not like the way you voted, they can appeal it and have a Mod/Admin overturn it. Sigh. Meh, I'm better...
  7. Neo Deist

    Bah...Internet Forums Are All The Same

    Not sure I am back, just stopping in.
  8. Neo Deist

    Bah...Internet Forums Are All The Same

    Been away almost a month, checking out other forums. They are all the same; only the names change. People fussing about Trump or Obama, people endlessly arguing about religion to no avail, and certain sites having extreme forms of censorship. An entire planet full of people and it's the same...
  9. Neo Deist

    Taking A Hiatus

    Deist was taken. You can always read my "essays" in the DIR and then start a post in a debate section. Not that it will matter much now.
  10. Neo Deist

    Taking A Hiatus

    Decided to take some time off from RF. No one engages me as a deist, and I have no desire to log in to 15 different threads b*tching about President Trump every day. Those that I chat with, you know where to find me.
  11. Neo Deist

    Trump Reportedly Threatens to Invade Mexico

    If Mexico is denying it, and the WH has no mention of it, I'd dismiss it as hearsay and move on.
  12. Neo Deist

    Rioters Identities

    I have never given out a tissue. Tickets, yes, but not a tissue.
  13. Neo Deist

    Trump Vows to ‘Destroy’ Law Banning Political Activity by Churches

    I'm the Alpha, that's all that matters.
  14. Neo Deist

    Trump Vows to ‘Destroy’ Law Banning Political Activity by Churches

    Religion is already in politics. You won't carry white, Christian males unless you proclaim that you are a Christian, or religious in some form or fashion that resonates with them. Associations of Pastors will lobby Congress on various issues. Churches hold voting stations. Campaigners are often...
  15. Neo Deist

    The Wall

    I don't know what you're talking about because apparently that post does not exist. :shrug: It wasn't me...
  16. Neo Deist

    What can be done to stop oppressive leftists?

    I see it all the time now. I am no longer surprised by the Left.
  17. Neo Deist

    Remembering Space Shuttle Columbia

    On February 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia broke up on re-entry. During the launch, a piece of the falling foam punched a hole in the wing of the shuttle, and that caused a breach in the integrity of the heat shield. All 7 astronauts lost their lives. They are as follows: Commander Rick...