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    How To Make Yourself Look Like A Fool

    The problem with government is it does not solve problems. Government wants to grows bigger, which is easier to do if you make problems worse or create new problems; subjectively or objectively. Government interfered with student loans, to create this huge student debt problem, that then tried...
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    Atheists and their jargon of insults

    The philosophy of science limits itself to only things outside us, that can be sensed by the five senses, that we all share. This allows us to see to believe, as a group. The philosophy does not take into account the inner reality, that is not easy to share via the five externally tuned senses...
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    The concept of "life energy"

    The main way life creates order from chaos is through the interaction of water and organics. If we mix water and oil we can form an emulsion, which is like a pseudo solution of tiny water and oil droplets. If we wait, these droplets will combine, with their own kind, until we have two ordered...
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    The concept of "life energy"

    I am saying the life energy is connected to entropy. However in the free energy equation; G=H-TS, the TS or temperature; T in degrees Kelvin times entropy; S, has the units of energy. Entropy by itself is not energy. However, since the human body maintains constant temperature at 98.6F, changes...
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    The concept of "life energy"

    When liquid water freezes into ice the entropy decreases. It is possible to go against the second law but its takes work altering the state. As long as it stays cold the entropy decrease defines by the solid state of water can be maintained. The entropic potential will become partially expressed...
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    What convinced you that Evolution is the truth?

    Darwin's thesis was called the Origin of Species. He only used the term evolution once near the end. The reason he did not stress the word evolution, was the term evolution was already used in biology, in his time. It was connected to embryology and how the embryo changes with time in a...
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    Science seems to be near to explaining almost every religion, showing they are conscious organizations, NOT deities, not eternal or benevolent.

    Our human bodies started from the union of male and female gamete cells. Once fertilized this single cell undergoes a large number of cellular divisions, differentiating more and more each time, until a complete person is formed with a wide range of coordinated body systems. All those cells...
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    The concept of "life energy"

    In Chemistry and Engineering there is what is called Free Energy. Free Energy is expressed by the equation; G-H-TS, where G is the Gibbs free energy, named after the Josiah Willard Gibbs, who developed the free energy equation in 1870. H is enthalpy, T is temperature in degrees Kelvin and S is...
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    The Funny Names used by Trump and the Trump Derangement Syndrome; TDS.

    Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a pejorative term, usually for criticism or negative reactions to former United States president Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and presumed to have little regard towards Trump's actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his...
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    The Funny Names used by Trump and the Trump Derangement Syndrome; TDS.

    When it comes to comedy in the USA, since 2016, there are no limits if the humor is directed against Trump. It can be cruel and not even humor but will get laughs. There are some late night comedians who still earn a good living off new Trump jokes since 2016. The Democrats taboo for comedy...
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    Food In Scripture and Mythology

    Bread and wine are metaphors that symbolize the body and blood of Jesus. Bread and wine are both processed foods connected to civilization. These are not natural food like an apple. Both bread and wine start with natural foods like wheat, eggs, and grapes. Humans add extra steps; grinding...
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    The Funny Names used by Trump and the Trump Derangement Syndrome; TDS.

    I thought a good topic for Psychology, would be to try to explain a likely source of the Trump Derangement Syndrome; TDS. that still plagues the Political Left. The blind hate appears to be connected to Trump's nicknames for his opponents and how people in the opposing party thought this was...
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    Supreme Court to Decide Whether to Kick Trump Off Ballot

    I terms of the Biden Family influence peddling business, that may disqualify Biden, can anyone on the Left explain why the Biden Family needs 20 shell companies? What is the purpose? There may be a good reason. There may be exceptions, but most people who set up such business arrangement...
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    Derek Chauvin, ex-cop convicted of killing George Floyd, stabbed in prison

    This sounds suspicious since it appears to coordinate with a provocative investigative report on George Floyd, that contradicts the Left wing media buzz of that time. That buzz instigated the riots of the summer of 2020. The autopsy of George Floyd showed that he had two clogged arteries and...
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    How many fossils would it take to "prove" the theory of evolution beyond a reasonable doubt?

    Ancient astronomers could plot the stars and could develop tools to make predictions like eclipses, all while their theory of the heavens was based on mythology. The practical or applied side of science; observation, data collection, plotting and tool making, can have nothing to do with a...
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    What if it was created by God to evolve?

    The current version of evolution cannot be made perfect until evolution gets rid of casino math. That math is based on black box thinking and not logic. It adds too much fuzzy dice fudge. As an analogy, in ancient times, people could observe the night sky and plot the stars and planets. They...
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    Is free will necessary for moral judgments to take place?

    Not being able to do what you want, does not imply lack of free will. Having to make a forced choice, not to do something, because of social consequences, requires free will; control our self. If we all completely lacked free will, people would act on impulse and would constantly suffer the...
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    Where are the Dead?

    Since an entropy increase lowers free energy via the equation (G=H-TS), where S is entropy, the second law also implies that the free energy of the universe decreases over time, due to the 2nd law; universe forever increases entropy and decrease free energy. Energy Conservation implies this...
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    Theists: What would a godless universe look like?

    There is a branch of Chemistry called Relativistic Quantum Chemistry. For example, why is gold the color it is, when most of the metals, besides copper, are silver? The outer electrons in large atoms like gold are moving at fast enough speeds to create relativistic affects. The result is a...
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    Theists: What would a godless universe look like?

    If you look at an atom like hydrogen, to make it simple, it has a negative and positive charge; electron and proton. What prevents these two opposite charges from finding each other an annihilating, like a positron and electron? What makes the positive charge when connected to the higher mass...