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  1. notthedalaidrama

    Is God cruel?

    Man always looking to place blame elsewhere!. the truth is Man is cruel. and he enjoys inflicting pain - and makes a profit from inflicting pain! ......but no lets blame god. I have a friend who blames god for the death of his brother. while I can understand why, but find it sad that his...
  2. notthedalaidrama

    Is there anyone who hasn't been traumatized?

    being born is a traumatic even for all concerned!!! I think we all suffer traumatic events throughout our lives. my first round of trauma occurred in my teens as my mother descended into alcoholism and my family became fragmented. another: 12 months after having her left leg amputated my...
  3. notthedalaidrama

    If God exists, why does He allow suffering?

    yes it is! plus we create monsters on a daily basis as a side dish! we need to be totally honest and accept the due blame. I try to live from the Heart, I try not to react but respond, and I try to think before I speak!!! most people are ego driven and that is the problem - self - self - self!
  4. notthedalaidrama

    If God exists, why does He allow suffering?

    our suffering is the result of our own selfish actions and has nothing to do with the Beloved. service to self is what leads to suffering.
  5. notthedalaidrama

    Ever been visited by a ghost?

    look into getting a ghost box as it requires no skills apart from good hearing ! if you have a spiritualist church nearby enquire if they have medium classes. you can see if you have the gift.
  6. notthedalaidrama

    Ever been visited by a ghost?

    moving on from my seeing my nan! a flat we lived in had a cheeky 'presence' who would blow cigarette smoke in our faces! my daughter asked the 'presence' to stop blowing smoke in her face and the 'presence' obliged. we never saw the actual ghost but felt their 'presence'. my wife also...
  7. notthedalaidrama

    Ever been visited by a ghost?

    when I was 12 or 13 I saw my nan who had left her body three months earlier. I was awake one summer's night unable to sleep when I was told to look to the corner of my bedroom, I did so and there stood my nan smiling at me with her hands clasped in front of her. She had a wonderful smile and she...
  8. notthedalaidrama

    thanks for the book recommendation, much appreciated. if you have any other suggestions please...

    thanks for the book recommendation, much appreciated. if you have any other suggestions please let me know! I am looking forward to reading Jesus In India. Have a great week!
  9. notthedalaidrama

    The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ.

    Thanks for this! Just purchased it and will read after I've finished this book.
  10. notthedalaidrama

    The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ.

    whether its fiction or not it is a most entertaining read. some of what is written resonates with me such as what is said about heaven and hell(higher and lower self analogy). I am only 30 pages in, so can't comment much more, but it will inspire me to read Edgar Cayce's story of Jesus! Akashic...
  11. notthedalaidrama

    The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ.

    Just started reading this book, written by Levi. He accessed the Akashic Records and written a most illuminating book. The 18 missing years of Jesus the Christ, such as visiting India and Tibet amongst others. I'd love to hear from others who have read or are reading this book. It resonates...
  12. notthedalaidrama

    Christian and Hindu music

    my kinda Christian music!!!
  13. notthedalaidrama

    What are: 'the voices in your head'?

    No voices in my head, but plenty of thoughts come and go. Its knowing which thoughts to allow in and which to ignore. So then, who is it that listens to the thoughts ? And who/what is it that is aware of the thoughts and presence ?
  14. notthedalaidrama

    Living in a 'haunted' house

    Imagination is helpful for when I write my poetry and experimental short stories. In our current home the paranormal activity is currently very active. No smoking as of yet ! However when we first moved in we were alerted to a gas leak by a presence which we suspect to be the lady who lived...
  15. notthedalaidrama

    Living in a 'haunted' house

    indeed it did.
  16. notthedalaidrama

    Living in a 'haunted' house

    Our last three homes have been paranormal hot spots and one of our visitors would blow smoke in our face, so we gave the nickname of Smokey to it! Our daughter, who was 9 and disliked smoking asked what could she do to stop it, we told her to ask the presence to stop doing it and she never had...
  17. notthedalaidrama

    coffee not g_d

    Lenny is a changed man. The Sufi Path has blown me away. Big thanks to:- Irina Tweedie Hazrat Inayat Khan Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Lenny is a changed man. Live from the Heart. Love.
  18. notthedalaidrama

    An Overview of Sufism

    I have recently discovered the Sufi Path, and would like to include two video links. Irina Tweedie, gives a wonderful talk:- v1mFqZuEHsc Irina Tweedie, part one - YouTube(1 of 5 parts - runs about an hour or so altogether) Irina was an amazing lady. I will be listening to this presentation...
  19. notthedalaidrama

    Re-introduce Yourself!

    I have found a new path! I experienced an awakening and I now live from the Heart and not the mind! no g_d necessary no sacred writings no churches no temples no mosques no synagogues no gurus no dogma no fear Just Love! However! If you choose to follow a g_d or g_ds then that is your right...
  20. notthedalaidrama

    coffee not g_d

    thank you Odion. I appreciate your comments:) Namaste, Lenny dance in your mind and shine, shine, shine!