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Search results

  1. silvermoon383

    How is the loki tv series?With tom hiddleston as loki?

    It was amazing. Well worth the watch just on its own merits, but with what’s happening in the MCU i would be willing to call Loki required watching.
  2. silvermoon383

    PlayStation 5 will play PlayStation 4 games ?

    PS3 wasn't backwards compatible with the PS2 (excluding a few launch models that were) because the cell processor inside couldn't run the PS2 software. (The few models that were backwards compatible were because they actually put a PS2 "under the hood" as well, was later removed as a...
  3. silvermoon383

    Poll- Is Trump likely to be reelected?

    (Emphasis mine) If the numbers about the 2016 election on Wikipedia are accurate: 55.7% of eligible voters actually voted. Of those votes, Candidate Trump received 46.1%. Putting those percentages together (0.557*0.461) shows is that only 25.7% of the country voted for him. Far, far less...
  4. silvermoon383

    Star Trek: Animated series ... S1 E14 The Slaver Weapon

    If Enterprise had continued with a fifth season the Kzinti were slated to return. They’d already started pre-production on them when the ax fell.
  5. silvermoon383

    The shingles vaccine; yes or no?

    It’s a variation of chicken pox. My understanding (consult a doctor for real data) is that if you get chicken pox like I did (caught it just 1 year before that vaccine became availabe) the virus goes dormant in your spine after the symptoms fade. Then, years later, the dormant virus emerges and...
  6. silvermoon383

    Border Shutdown or Build a Wall?

    What use is a wall when over 40% of all people who are in the US “illegally” are those who came here with full authorization, but then stayed longer than the issued visa was valid for? (Illegal Immigration Statistics - FactCheck.org Why are so many in the US so adamant about building walls and...
  7. silvermoon383

    Banned Mormon Cartoon

    Here’s all I have to say about that video: Peter represents those who stoop to making videos like the one in the OP
  8. silvermoon383

    Mormon Scholarship

    Mormons married in any temple are married for eternity and have the potential to become creators like God is. Being married in the temple does not make such a eternal destiny a guarantee. No. It is simply to allow those who never had the chance to accept the gospel while alive the ability to...
  9. silvermoon383

    Justice Kennedy retiring

    Well, according to McConnell, it’s highly innapropriate to do confirmation hearings this close to an election. Schumer reminded him of that today. Think McConnell will follow his own rule? (I’m not holding my breath...)
  10. silvermoon383

    Heavenly Mother

    This is one of our hymns: O My Father
  11. silvermoon383

    "Is the Mormon church a Christian denomination?"

    Then who did Steven see?
  12. silvermoon383

    United Airlines strikes again

    Bear in mind that Chicago up a pretty major hub for the airlines. It's quite likely that this was a connection flight or the start of several connections for many of the passengers.
  13. silvermoon383

    Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 'Christian'.

    I'm sorry, are you saying this is your source that there was a militarized force? You make up your own definition of a term that does not match any that can be found in the dictionary? This was the frontier of the country. Everyone had guns, without them you could not feed your family. To...
  14. silvermoon383

    Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 'Christian'.

    This is an official Call for Reference (CFR). I want to see where you are getting this claim as well as their criteria for just what constitutes a "militarized man".
  15. silvermoon383

    Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 'Christian'.

    Well lets see, there's a specific part of the Constitution that specifically forbids the government from choosing one religion over another, there's the fact that many of the founders were Deist... Then there's the entire history of totally un-Christian behavior. If the US was supposed to be...
  16. silvermoon383

    Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 'Christian'.

    Wow that's presumptuous, telling me what I know and believe. But then I guess that's par for the course when I deal with the so-called "mainstream" Christians(TM). It's remarkable to me how it seems that they know my mind better than I do.
  17. silvermoon383

    Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 'Christian'.

    Oh boy, this chestnut again! Let's see, how to answer, how to answer....I could say no, but then you'd call me a liar and pull out some obscure quote from Brigham Young out of the Jounal of Discourses (again, not part of the LDS scriptural canon) where he declares that Christ was married. I...
  18. silvermoon383

    Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 'Christian'.

    When I give talks I routinely work in quotes from Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and many other works of various popularity. Simply quoting something does not make that thing part of the Standard Works. Stop trying to tell us what we believe and what we reference, you've been...
  19. silvermoon383

    Introducing: The Republic of Molossia!

    They're not that powerful, they were taken over by a bunch of Internet reviewers a number of years ago. From what I've heard Molossia only got its independence back thanks to the work of Fritz Von Baugh, Minister of Making Things Orderly.