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  1. M

    Muslim's treatment of the Jews

    Ok one think about this whole Israel shouldn.t have been made, One i think it should be shared and bot sides should be ashamed for the things they have done. Two one whole side of my family are jews And from what i have herd even before Israel was remade there were jews living there just like...
  2. M

    Is Christianity really a monotheistic religion?

    Okay i am getting annoyed at these posts, i understand people trying to understand god but when we do we cant think in what we consider literal terms. If god is the almighty and can do the impossible then yes he can be his own son, God split himself into 3 hence the trinity. I don't think we...
  3. M

    Spiritual Combat

    um not to be too critical but how do you actually know that we were spirits before we were born. Satan more or less wanted be god and wanted to be in control, not just the savior, also i think he really hates us and even though he knows he is doomed he wants to take as many people as he can with...