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  1. Sees

    Should Gentiles eat pork?

    11:2 "Say/speak to the children of Israel...(dietary guidelines)" is pretty straightforward in direction. I'd just roll with it.
  2. Sees

    Should Gentiles eat pork?

    I think there are only a few universal commandments/guidelines in the Jewish writings...majority of it is specifically for Jews, like the pork prohibition.
  3. Sees

    Trying to settle

    I like this website overall, particularly the section on values http://www.tairis.co.uk/ The introduction makes a good point that there is multiple strands of Celtic traditions. Looking up anything and everything about Celtic cultures, not only stuff dealing with pre-Christian times, is the...
  4. Sees

    EU Chief Calls For Open Borders

    Not bigger government...just a smarter, more focused, honest, and loyal one.
  5. Sees

    EU Chief Calls For Open Borders

    Open borders seems to appeal to politicians interested in creating a struggling state, one which needs Big Government to "fix" (hugely profit from) the issues it generates. Meanwhile, getting support from good-hearted folks who are excessively idealistic, dreaming of a Liberal utopia. It...
  6. Sees

    Trump's new ad cites racist eugenics organization as authority.

    Didn't Planned Parenthood start out with racism and eugenics as motives...aimed towards black communities? I remember seeing some nasty quotes attributed to the founder/s.
  7. Sees

    What have we done to deserve this ?

    The patience and tolerance Hindus have generally shown to Islam over the years is very remarkable.
  8. Sees

    Could anyone offer me some advice?

    I felt drawn towards the Euro traditions before I knew they were there, even as a possibility. For me going with that was a very natural and rewarding choice. A short list of some reasons... the way they combine affirmation of the individual with love and connectedness of the community...
  9. Sees

    Morality is not subjective

    In general, I view morality as having goals and principles which are objective for reasonably intelligent, sensible, sane, healthy folks - but the details of implementation get subjective. Goals and principles themselves often go out the window with the socially inept, damaged outcasts, etc.
  10. Sees

    Good "Islam = Religion of Peace" Debate

    I'm curious how Baha'is treat insults against Muhammad/Islam. Is it seen as an attack that is worthy of a physical counter-attack? There have been polls of American Muslims in very recent times, arguably some of the world's most lenient, tolerant, progressive, etc. Muslims - showing 33% see it...
  11. Sees

    Good "Islam = Religion of Peace" Debate

    Luis, thank you for finding and linking that page.
  12. Sees

    Good "Islam = Religion of Peace" Debate

    Not all that new and I'm sure at least a few have seen it before, but.... Having just recently watched it, I couldn't help but imagine what RF commentary would be like :) I think both sides in this recorded debate did a pretty good job for their position...which is kinda rare, making it more...
  13. Sees

    Poll: What are the things you consider a must have for what everyone live for?

    Didn't pick God/god/deity or Religion since they fall under the Family and Friends categories :)
  14. Sees

    How Did You Find Your Faith?

    A short version... I was highly interested in learning about religion and philosophy even as a very young child. Studied and discussed them as much as I could. I liked and agreed with this or that from several traditions (still do!) but had various issues/internal conflict with the well-known...
  15. Sees

    Please Explain This Behavior

    Something I heard Jesse Lee Peterson say in a video, which lines up with what I was taught while growing up - it is "lack of respect for self and others." A good way to sum up what causes rampant theft, looting, vandalism, etc.
  16. Sees

    Riots In Milwaukee

  17. Sees

    "Blacks Lives Matter" Rioters Racially Attack "Whites"

    Seems like there was a person shot, a car set on fire, and a cop or two assaulted. :facepalm:
  18. Sees

    "Blacks Lives Matter" Rioters Racially Attack "Whites"

    Good video that pretty much sums up the event
  19. Sees

    Are you a Theist, who incorporates Buddhist religion/ or concepts, into your beliefs?

    I have been very interested in multiple religions since I was a kid old enough to read and ask questions - Buddhism being one I've always been a fan of. Going over Buddhist stories and teachings, practicing Buddhist meditation, etc. influenced me quite a bit. I don't do so very often now - but...
  20. Sees

    The Mandela Effect

    Perhaps the strangest one, not used in the quiz... The "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" quote everybody knows who has seen Forrest Gump dozens of times is supposedly - "Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"...