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  1. ronandcarol

    Evidence of God existence

    Evidence of God existence Your next heartbeat. ronandcarol
  2. ronandcarol

    I've Sacrificed my belief in Evolution for Religion

    Read the first two chapters of Genesis. Ask the Holy Spirit to bless your study and open your mind. You will find that you were wonderfully created by God, you didn't evolve. ronandcarol
  3. ronandcarol

    Religiously Confused

    To help you out I enlisted the help of the dictionary; Religion: # A collection of practices, based on beliefs and teachings that are highly valued or sacred. # Any practice that someone or some group is seriously devoted to. # Any ongoing spiritual practice one engages in, in order to shape...
  4. ronandcarol

    What Would be the Purpose of Free Will, if Free Will Existed?

    He gave us the best foresight He could, His God Breathed Words of Life. And, He doesn't want any robots in Heaven to automatically worship Him. He wants and desires worshipers that love Him and worship Him on their own free-will. ronandcarol
  5. ronandcarol

    Are Atheists Smarter Than Theists?

    Let's ask that question in the next 'eternity' life, who will be there to answer it? ronandcarol
  6. ronandcarol

    Jesus as God

    The only logical think that we should wrap our minds around is if He exists in our hearts. ronandcarol
  7. ronandcarol

    Is God good?

    Is God good? To whatever extreme you want to think good is, God is beyond that. ronandcarol
  8. ronandcarol

    Do your beliefs make you happy?

    Do your beliefs make you happy? deliriously ! ronandcarol
  9. ronandcarol

    Do the Gods Probably Exist or Probably Not Exist?

    Do the Gods Probably Exist or Probably Not Exist? As you are able to take your next breath and notice your heart beating you will have to agree that the One True God that created us is certainly alive! ronandcarol
  10. ronandcarol

    Where is Liberty and freedom? Will it someday become extinct?

    Where is Liberty and freedom? As a whole, not in our human lifetime, as an individual, if you are in Christ you are as free as can be. ronandcarol
  11. ronandcarol

    We are saved by good works

    But I would have to say, How can you not see it? There is a judgement at the throne where the saved will be given crowns of righteousness, a crown of Glory, a crown of Life, that is where your 'saved good works' will be noticed, not at the end of time judgement where your destination is...
  12. ronandcarol

    Is God Omniscient as people say?

    Is God Omniscient as people say? There are just some truths in the Bible that I was raised to believe and put my faith in; 1. God cannot lie. 2. God had His salvation plan before the earth was even created. 3. God has an unfailing love for us. 4. God is the same...
  13. ronandcarol

    Why Agree with God?

    Why Agree with God? He created you, He gives you every heartbeat and breath that you take and He loves you so much that He sent His Son to die in your place so that you can spend eternity with Him. I think that deserves our love and devotion, for everything that God says. He only means...
  14. ronandcarol

    Who is God?

    Who is God? Our Creator! And He sustains us, our every minute of life. ronandcarol
  15. ronandcarol

    The Bible 2.0

    The entire Bible is written as a novel, a love story about God's redemptive plan for man. From the opening Chapter and the fall of man, to the close of the book in Revelation. The complete story of how God will save us and how to live our lives so that He we can live our lives according to His...
  16. ronandcarol

    Is the Bible God's Word?

    Is the Bible God's Word? Every word of scripture is God breathed, suitable for training, and certainly commendable for believing. The prophets of old as well as the Apostles and Moses and King David and King Solomon, and many more were all inspired by Go as to what to record and write down...
  17. ronandcarol

    What Would Be Your Appeal on Judgement Day?

    On judgement day, those that believe and are saved, will have on the robes of righteousness, not our filthy rags of sin. God will look at us and see the redemptive blood of His Son who died so that we might be able to stand before the judgement throne with boldness. ronandcarol
  18. ronandcarol

    God's opposition to homosexual behavior. Why?

    If one accepts the passages cited as those inspired of god, and their interpretation in accordance with conservative Christian understanding, can anyone explain why the Christian god finds homosexuality "detestable" and worthy of "punishment of eternal fire"? I know I'm asking people here to...
  19. ronandcarol

    Why Morality cannot come from God

    You are desperately trying to figure out something that is totally beyond your reasoning! And I don't specifically mean your reasoning as in 'you', but any human mind. We don't have and cannot have the foggiest ideas of how much God is of anything. Everything exists from and starts from God...
  20. ronandcarol

    Is it too late to “seek the LORD” (Revelation 22:11)

    Is it too late to “seek the LORD” (Revelation 22:11) It is never to late to seek the Lord! In fact all you have to do is 'turn around' He has been waiting for you. ronandcarol