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  1. kevmicsmi

    Should the Press be charged for treason?

    Yes, when one story is published that comprimises national security, and is possibly illegal(or at the very least, their sources are guilty as sin), the publisher should not only be demonized, but threatened prosecution if they fail to release their source to the government. You HAVE to be...
  2. kevmicsmi

    an honest broker?

    yes, honest and just. We intend to help resolve the issue to a just and right conclusion, not a conclusion of appeasment, fear, and international peer pressure. Fair yes, even handed no. I had a great basketball coach tell me once....."Kevin, as a coach you do not treat each player...
  3. kevmicsmi

    Am I a bad wife?

    Pray away Melody, I think its great that you didnt forbid him from shooting them. We all know the power of the wife:yes:
  4. kevmicsmi


    In my mind, the "no atheists in foxholes" saying means more about the human psyche than it does about conceit that Christians are right. Bill, i think a good majority of people, when faced with death, kick into eternal survival mode, just IN CASE. I guess we will find out some day what...
  5. kevmicsmi

    an honest broker?

    Great questions, give me a few and I will respond:)
  6. kevmicsmi

    Why do people believe that it was god and not something else?

    ....:confused: ...........................................why? ...........................
  7. kevmicsmi

    an honest broker?

    Yes, but only if they truly want to. You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink. I dont think it is justice, it is self defense. Who says? You can not be an honest broker when you do not have 2 sides truly willing for mediation and peace. Even conceeding that what you posted is...
  8. kevmicsmi

    Should the Press be charged for treason?

    Ny times were the first to run with the story. Sorry Maggie, I need you to back up your statement that these were probable illegal activities. Can you support that statement at all?
  9. kevmicsmi

    Is Jack Murtha the answer?

    http://www.opinionjournal.com/diary/ Any thoughts about this article by John Fund?
  10. kevmicsmi

    Should the Press be charged for treason?

    What do they consider an abnormal situation? Are the people in Guantanamo American citizens? No, they are alleged illegal combatants in a war against our country. Why should we afford them US citizen rights?
  11. kevmicsmi

    Should the Press be charged for treason?

    If you had to go to court, would you rather go to the USA courts, or the Chinese courts? ;)
  12. kevmicsmi

    Maize - Administrator

    What is your favorite meal to cook?
  13. kevmicsmi

    the relive a great debate debate thread

    Oh, Im sorry.....:D
  14. kevmicsmi

    the relive a great debate debate thread

    I seem to remember a great thread in which AE took the position that Judges who "Legislate from the bench" should not be appointed to the supreme court.
  15. kevmicsmi

    angel maturino and the death penalty

    I dont believe intentional killing of another human being is always murder. It would make an interesting topic though.
  16. kevmicsmi

    angel maturino and the death penalty

    Rob, what do you think?
  17. kevmicsmi

    angel maturino and the death penalty

    But cant we have a different conviction standard in order to impose the death penalty? Cant we require DNA evidence, or a confession from a sound mind?
  18. kevmicsmi

    Life on other planets.

    Cheeseburgers werent mentioned in the Bible either, although I dont think that necessarily proves there is no God:p
  19. kevmicsmi

    When did you decide?

    We do need somewhere to put all those raider and chief fans........ Throw in the refs while were at it.:cool:
  20. kevmicsmi

    JamesThePersian - Moderator

    question. In your opinion, what is the most important, or key element of teaching in the Orthodox Religion you subscribe to?