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  1. Irenicas

    Any truth to this?

    Quick bit of logic! P1: God is omnipotent P2: God and Satan battle for the souls of mankind C1: Satan is omnipotent If God was omnipotent and Satan wasn't, then there could not be a battle - there could be no "contest" between an onnipotent and a non-omnipotent individual, rather like a...
  2. Irenicas

    Should Religion and State Be Separated?

    This seems fundamentally flawed to me. What are your arguments to support this statement? Blanklet claims that "peace, happiness and tolerance will never come about by giving in to any form of atheistic philosophy" are not helpful additions to a debate. Explain why you think this please.
  3. Irenicas

    How Important is Sexual Morality to a Nation?

    I don't think "sexual morality", as you call it, should be singled out. It is, as far as I am concerned, part of the basic freedoms and liberties of a civilisation. How people treat sex and sexual experience varies greatly within society, and that is what makes a society healthy (if not in the...
  4. Irenicas

    Freaky view of atheism in America

    I feel very ill. The very idea that (and I have to say, this kind of attitude is very American-centric) that atheism is wrong or immoral is sickening. I find it laughable that so many of the Christian, and Muslim, and in fact almost all religions, who damn athiesm also claim to promote love...
  5. Irenicas

    What is your favorite religious holiday?

    I like lots of religious festivals, but I think my favourite is probably The Day of the Dead (though now I put it down into writing I am suddenly unsure whether it is a religious festival or not. If it is I guess I've never done anything religious connected to it, but I love the idea of...
  6. Irenicas

    Atheists Only: Would this be proof?

    The only thing that would produce a belief in God (any god, not just the christian one) would be him/her/it-self appearing to me and telling me the secrets of the universe. And then I'd be dubious and have myself tested for illicit substances.
  7. Irenicas

    The Afterlife

    Sorry - didn't do the poll, but for a reasonably good reason - I don't think any of those things. My own personal beliefs about the afterlife lean towards the idea that when we die we don't get reincarnated but recycled: After all, our physical bodies become other things, so why not our...
  8. Irenicas

    Hello... Again

    Hi all, I rediscovered this site after a gap of almost two years - I'd forgotten about its very existence but I'm very glad to be back. I don't expect anyone to remember me, but oh well :P That's all. I will begin posting post-haste (oh, the pun) Irenicas
  9. Irenicas

    will religions join with the returning of Jesus?

    I think that the problem here is that you ignore the fact that ALL religions (not just the three you mention) have an underlying structure, both morally and philosophically, including what has been labelled "Ethical atheism". The structure of all of these formations and societies can basically...
  10. Irenicas

    Celtic Moon Signs

    I'm apparently a birch moon... But have you noticed how these descriptions are never bad? Imagine if you got something like: This moon indicates that you are difficult to live with and a generally unpleasant person. Please get a drastic change of personality pronto! Rolling in the aisles I...
  11. Irenicas

    Valentine's Day

    I'm going to a "traffic light" night at a club nearby with lots of my friends... if you're unaware of the meaning of that, then you're probably ahppier not knowing :P Apart from that, staring listfully at young men and women hoping to meet that special someone...
  12. Irenicas

    Life sucks, and then you die.

    You're born, Life sucks, then you realise that it doesn't, then life doesn't suck, then you die, then you are born, Life sucks, then you realise that it doesn't, then life doesn't suck, then you die, then you are born...
  13. Irenicas

    Just what we need - just what faith needs

    Well, I think the obvious problem here is the division of religion and state. In many countries, the state religion and the state government are strongly connected, and this is true in the USA. However, what is different in this case is the actual way the state was set up, and also the way the...
  14. Irenicas

    Movie quotes

    A seasonal one for you guys, and one I can relate to at the moment: "Valentines is a holiday invented by greetings card companies to make people feel like crap" - Joel - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  15. Irenicas

    Praying to Icons.

    Now, I expect this to be jumped all over, but surely the real answer it seems that you all are giving is that it's different because it's us doing it. I'm sorry, but that seems to me to be the gist of the arguments... Also, can someone explain to me the difference between worship and prayer...
  16. Irenicas

    Can logical thinking lead towards faith?

    Unless of course, that we follow the bigbang/bigcrunch theory - the universe expands until a certain point where upon it is pulled back together by gravitational forces, compressing it once more, before extreme heat and pressure caused by the implosion cause it to once more explode. This cycle...
  17. Irenicas

    "God/gods does/do not exist"

    Don't try and avoid the issue - we are not just talking about "me" we are talking about humanity as a whole. I am not an image of perfect peace and love either... so if we admit that SOME people do evil acts simply "becuase" then we must admit (by your own arguments) that God does not exist...
  18. Irenicas

    "God/gods does/do not exist"

    What is this talk of religion... the idea of the existence of God and the existence of religion are unconnected. They have nothing to do with each other. As for your argument as to my thought against others caused by others... where do THEIR actions come from? surely at some point there...
  19. Irenicas

    Evidence FOR the Creation Theory

    Uh. Anyone else see the rather large problem there?
  20. Irenicas

    "God/gods does/do not exist"

    I had a few very large problems with writing a responce to your argument. Let me explain. First, how do we define good or evil. You use the word alturistic which is much more desciptive. However, can any action be completely alturistic, or are there always selfish reasons for it...