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  1. Alienistic

    Should Alec Baldwin Be Charged With a Crime?

    The predictable programming, always. Like the .exe files within some humans trigger: .exe = Must bring up Trump. .exe = Must blame Trump for everything. .exe = Must label anyone who disagrees or has any skepticism towards anything a Trump supporting bigot racist. .exe = Must have no...
  2. Alienistic

    So about Biden's larger spending social bill

    What is the point of this comment? Relax, if willing. Yikes.
  3. Alienistic

    So about Biden's larger spending social bill

    Free 2 year community college tuition has been dropped from the bill. 12 week medical leave has been dropped down to 4 weeks, and for those making less than $100K. Some enhanced Medicare benefits such as dental vouchers, things with vision, etc. Extended earned income credit and child tax...
  4. Alienistic

    What Are You Reading?

    The Iron Heel, Jack London.
  5. Alienistic

    Outsiders perceptions of Australia and Covid

    On mainstream in the US, there isn’t much reporting about anything regarding what’s going on with that in Australia. The propaganda is that they want these things silent and not reported. Only things being reported are tyranny denial and a majority of Aussies supporting their government for how...
  6. Alienistic

    The Problem of Enlightenment and the Logical Observer

    Nevertheless, another state would be being “lightened” up inside. Laughing and seeing the joke more. Not as easily offended. Not living in fear. More bias removed and more awareness, cognitive capacities expanded and heightened. Feeling lighter inside, burdens/weights removed. Not wishing or...
  7. Alienistic

    The Problem of Enlightenment and the Logical Observer

    If beings were authentically enlightened to what were going on and being done to them in this world, and truly loved and cared for their fellow common beings...I highly doubt that they would be happy about this. It is far from cupcakes and rainbows, or all lovey dovey.
  8. Alienistic

    What is Atheistic Gospel?

    The Book of Atheos - Atheos 1:1-3 (KJV) - Thus saith god, there is no physical evidence for my existence. Thus saith the gods, there is no physical evidence for our existence. Thus saith god(s), I/we lack belief in any deities.
  9. Alienistic

    The loss of a loved one. How do you cope or help others cope?

    I am fine with physical death. It happens. To many thousands daily, in many different ways. All born with an eventual death certificate. Before I’d bring a child into this world, I’d assess every possible potential outcome for them, including suicide. And whatever it is that they would do and...
  10. Alienistic


    Indeed, and what I have said still applies to spirituality and religious belief. Rewording- it is almost like saying that everyone’s spiritual and religious beliefs are right and truth, and any spiritual or religious beliefs that generate terrible character or nature and put into action - are...
  11. Alienistic


    This is almost like saying that everything is truth, there are no lies and no matter how disgusting of a character or nature anyone has- to just be themselves.
  12. Alienistic

    Canada, pronouns, and compelled speech, yes, again

    I just stay quiet at work around people I don’t know. Even if I am wearing my LGBTQ+S+AE (Straight and All Ethnicities) allies shirt- I don’t feel like being fined, imprisoned, called a racist bigot, domestic terrorist, etc for simply saying hello, smiling at, or opening the door (let alone any...
  13. Alienistic

    Be grateful you can walk!

    It doesn’t make sense for me to be grateful or thankful for food, health, safety, etc. when many others (not to their errors) do not have the same.
  14. Alienistic

    How do I stop judging people?

    I say: judge away internally if with self-awareness, without hypocrisy, and also the ability to have compassion, mercy, and empathy. Sound judgement never has to come with blaming, guilting, shaming, condemning anyone. Or judging anyone openly. Ie: When one becomes deeply aware of their own...
  15. Alienistic

    Just want to know if humans share DNA

    The stupidity genetic, absolutely.
  16. Alienistic

    'Civil War' Trends on Twitter After Iowa Trump Rally Attendee's Remarks Go Viral

    That’s where all of the leaders will be, in their cozy bunkers laughing their asses off eating popcorn at the stupid populace from both sides at war they divided and conquered if it were ever to transpire.
  17. Alienistic

    What is your major malfunction?

    Have to give credit to the human beings. Most have been through hell and back to varying degrees and just keep up strumming along. Resilient and strong.
  18. Alienistic

    Who rules the world?

    Media indoctrination/brainwashing all owned by the same status quo and divide and conquer. Creating hate and fathom enemies. Many forms of religious indoctrination. Rather easy though, since human nature generally feeds off all of this anyhow.
  19. Alienistic

    What is a miracle?

    For me, a miracle is an individual undergoing radical change in their character/nature. Learning to know oneself better. Death or dying to what is generally called as “bad ego.” Being enlightened and endarkened to see and discern the authentic natures of good and evil. Being able to acknowledge...