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  1. Erebus

    What is a myth you used to believe

    Plate armour was so heavy that knights were barely able to move and had to be lifted onto their horses. In reality, the weight of the armour was distributed across your body and was designed to allow a full range of movement. It's possible to run an assault course in full plate. Camel spiders...
  2. Erebus

    Manliness and men in the US. Incels and others

    I'm not American so I can't really comment on cultural differences. I have seen a few videos and articles about incels though, particularly about how they can become radicalised or driven to suicide. They're typically young and introverted, possibly also suffering from anxiety or depression...
  3. Erebus

    TV game show "The Chase"

    The Chase will forever be associated with this clip in my mind:
  4. Erebus

    Only 3 Completely Unholy Things

    That makes sense. I honestly struggle to comprehend the mindset of those multi-billionaires who still want more wealth. It just seems entirely pointless to me and it appears that pointlessness is a major theme in your concept of unholiness here.
  5. Erebus

    Only 3 Completely Unholy Things

    I don't view wrath and vainglory in quite so extreme a manner as you present here. Wrath in my view would include entirely justified and proportionate retaliation that was nonetheless motivated by anger. I don't view vainglory as positive but also wouldn't go so far as to say it's unholy. While...
  6. Erebus

    Post Things That Irritate You

    Terrible pop songs played over the radio. You go to buy groceries and end up with the Spice Girls stuck in your head for a solid week. People who knock on your door to hand you junk mail in person rather than just putting it through the letter box. English summer. I honestly don't get how...
  7. Erebus

    What do you think about Wicca?

    It's a bit tricky to give my thoughts on Wicca as a whole as it's incredibly diverse. A Gardnerian coven member and a solitary New-Ageish practitioner may well have very little in common with each other. There's good and bad to any approach really so any praise or criticism I give will fall...
  8. Erebus

    Shadow People

    I remember a while back my mum showed me some of the artwork she'd done in her teens/early twenties. One of them was a shadowy figure in a hat and long coat which she'd claimed to have seen on occasion. It was certainly drawn pre-internet and she was surprised when I told her it was a fairly...
  9. Erebus

    Feminine personalities and social media

    I think some of that depends on the particular type of wargame too. I've noticed that WW1 and WW2 games can attract more jingoism than fantasy games for example. It's certainly true though that there's a subset of wargamers whose interest in wargaming seems intertwined with a romantic view of...
  10. Erebus

    Feminine personalities and social media

    Most of my social media presence outside of RF is centred on my interest in wargaming. You bet that particular niche is overwhelmingly male dominated. The groups that focus solely on painting have a more even split but it's still predominantly male. Since I'm a man, the uneven split doesn't...
  11. Erebus

    Recognition of what isn't there?

    If we were able to create a paint that was absolutely pure black and reflected no light whatsoever, we would still see it as black. It would also make any 3D object painted in it appear completely 2D. Vantablack does that to an extent, though it's still possible to see some details of whatever's...
  12. Erebus

    Recognition of what isn't there?

    The closest we've come to creating a black that absorbs all visible light is Vantablack. It isn't quite pure black but it should give you a decent idea of what that would look like. This is Vantablack painted onto crinkled foil:
  13. Erebus

    Are Kami Gods?

    From the Wikipedia page: I tend to view gods as anything deemed worthy of worship since I consider that definition to be the most inclusive without becoming completely meaningless (e.g. a god is that which is called a god). By that metric, Kami could certainly qualify as gods. However, I'm...
  14. Erebus

    Mad God

    I didn't end up finishing it but that's more to do with how I watch films rather than a problem with the film itself. I generally have films on while I do something else (e.g. painting) so the lack of dialogue and ambiguous plot of Mad God didn't accommodate that. It's something that would...
  15. Erebus

    2023: Predict the future

    The press will leak the new manifestos of each UK political party. They will all simply read, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
  16. Erebus

    Suffering and evil

    I promise you that I have no interest in convincing you that God doesn't exist. I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't believe. What I've tried to do in this thread is present some of the reasons why I don't believe in an omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent God myself. I...
  17. Erebus

    Suffering and evil

    Okay. Do those in a heavenly state of being suffer? If they do, what purpose does their suffering serve? If they don't, why not just start people in that state to begin with? If an omnipotent God sets the rules, any restrictions on what can or can't be done would be entirely up to that God to...
  18. Erebus

    Stupidity Is Spreading

    This should be put up as a disclaimer before every political debate.
  19. Erebus

    Suffering and evil

    I'm not. I'm using an excruciating death as an example of suffering that serves no purpose. Since a common argument is that suffering is necessary for us to learn and grow, I pointed out that this argument falls apart when the suffering in question marks the end of our life. Right. If a human...
  20. Erebus

    Suffering and evil

    Like I said earlier, if God isn't omnibenevolent then the problem of evil/suffering doesn't apply. However, I was responding to what you said here: You said there was no reason to think an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent God wouldn't allow suffering. I explained why I disagree. If you...