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Search results

  1. Subduction Zone

    Presidential Mullets:

    After reading the following article I have concluded that we need a new law requiring Presidents, and therefore Presidential candidates, to sport a mullet: A guy created pictures of every president as a 'cool guy with a mullet' and they deliver Some examples: Biden looks much more...
  2. Subduction Zone

    British students try biscuits for the first time:

    Oh and sausage gravy. Along with a proper cup of tea. And fried chicken too! I almost forgot the video.
  3. Subduction Zone


    With the writer of the original.
  4. Subduction Zone

    Element lighter than hydrogen

    Okay, I was tempted to use scare quotes. But it is all about the clicks baby! At any rate Muonium is an exotic atom made up of an antimuon and an electron. Chemically it would be almost identical to hydrogen, except that it is slightly radioactive. They have been made in the lab, they...
  5. Subduction Zone

    Raquel Welch Dead at Age 82

    Raquel Welch Dead at 82 Raquel Welch, who paved the way as both an actress and international sex symbol has died ... TMZ has learned. According to family members, Raquel died this morning after a brief illness. RIP In the article they chose the poster that I chose independently, though...
  6. Subduction Zone

    My Sweet Lord

    @Sgt. Pepper especially. I only caught a very small fraction of the people that are in this video.
  7. Subduction Zone

    Things are looking very bad for Kent Hovind

    His main channel was taken down by YouTube today. It had quite a few violations on it and YouTube finally had it. They shut it down cold and he has 24 hours to appeal. It probably will not work; I am putting a link to a live discussion of this. Skip ahead to the 22 minute mark if...
  8. Subduction Zone

    The criminal cases against Trump are advancing.

    https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/3836264-manhattan-prosecutor-presenting-evidence-in-trump-stormy-daniels-hush-money-case-to-grand-jury-report/ Trump's hush money case to Stormy Daniels is being brought up before a New York grand jury to see if there is enough evidence to...
  9. Subduction Zone

    What is a human? Not an easy question.

    This video goes into depth in ho humans differ from other primates. It narrows the differences down but it is not as easy as one would think. Forrest Valkai is a relative newcomer, but he is amazingly talented and knows his stuff. More to watch, but if you want to discuss that...
  10. Subduction Zone

    Interview with Dr. Mary Schweitzer

    For those of you that do not know Dr. Schweitzer is the person that discovered "soft-tissue" in a T-rex fossil. She is also a former YEC and she is still very much a Christian. You can hear some of the reasons that she changed her mind about evolution. By the way, she uses one of the...
  11. Subduction Zone

    New possible source of Green energy:

    Sunlight, under the right conditions, can be use to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Unfortunately that has been a rather inefficient process so far making it uneconomical. Now a new technology may solve that problem: Science | AAAS This new process can currently almost work at the...
  12. Subduction Zone

    Damar Hamlin collapses on field Monday Night Football

    Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Suffers Scary Injury During Monday Night Football The game has been postponed. That is the first time that I have seen that. Hamlin took a very hard hit to the head while tackling someone. He got up and then collapsed on the field. They had to do CPR on the field...
  13. Subduction Zone

    Barbara Walters has died.

    https://www.kaaltv.com/news/top-news/report-legendary-newswoman-barbara-walters-has-died/ After 93 years she has left the planet. The pioneer of women journalists.
  14. Subduction Zone

    More Guilty Verdicts for Weinstein:

    Jury finds former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape Good old Harvey is found guilty again. He is already serving a 23 year sentence in New York and now it looks as if he might get a similar one in California. He was not found guilty on all charges. On some the was found...
  15. Subduction Zone

    What color are Rudolph's eyes?

    Would you know without looking at the picture? Reindeer have weird eyes: What color are reindeer eyes? Depends on the season. And not quite as complete, but no paywall or hoops to jump through: https://www.paddykalish.com/blog/eyes-of-the-reindeer
  16. Subduction Zone

    Trump may lose a lot of his NFT money:

    Oh boy, Trump caught scamming again. It appears that the "artwork" in the NFT's is not original. It was taken from various private sources and Trump's face was photoshopped onto them: REVEALED: Further Evidence Shows Ex-Prez Donald Trump STOLE Copyrighted Images For Newly Launched 'Digital...
  17. Subduction Zone

    I think that I bought some "white man" habaneros.

    Just going with the stereotype that white people do not like heat (and I know that is not true for all of us), I almost always buy habanero based salsas, unless I am going to share. But if it is for me it is going to be on the hotter end of the scale. At any rate I have never cooked with...
  18. Subduction Zone

    Elizabeth Holmes gets more than 11 years of prison time.

    For those of you who don't know Elizabeth Holmes was a very young self made billionaire. She was the founder of Theranos. A revolutionary blood analyzing company. Elizabeth Holmes gets more than 11 years for Theranos scam So long story short. While in college she came up with a...
  19. Subduction Zone

    Trump organization guilty on all charges.

    Trump Organization found guilty on all counts in Manhattan tax-fraud trial Yeehaw!! The Trump organization has been found guilty on all charges in New York State. It looks like it will be hit with 1.6 million dollars in fines. And that is just the beginning.
  20. Subduction Zone

    Trouble with one of the latest Alzheimer's treatments:

    First the setup . There are potentials to use monoclonal antibodies in Alzheimer treatments. This is the story of one that has advanced to human testing...