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  1. EverChanging

    Occult Spirituality and Holy Guardian Angel

    For those involved in occult spiritualities such as Thelema (as just one example among many) can you elaborate on your concept of the Holy Guardian Angel? What is it? Who is it? How do you obtain union with it? Is it identified with God or the Logos? Any other thoughts?
  2. EverChanging

    Thelemic Mass

    I've been reading about the Gnostic Mass. I am trying to understand, when the elements are consecrated as the Body and Blood, is this meant to be the Body and Blood of the Holy Guardian Angel?
  3. EverChanging


    Would you describe yourself as a nihilist of any variety? How does this impact your spirituality?
  4. EverChanging


    I have an old woman that comes to me in dreams and visions. I thought I'd share a dream here. She was smiling so warmly and kindly at me and told me that every interaction with another person is an act of manipulation by way of one's influence on the other person. Then she laughed and...
  5. EverChanging

    Holy days

    Do you observe any holy days? If so which ones, and what do they signify?
  6. EverChanging

    Questions about my personal path

    I've been thinking about creating a thread on another discussion forum about my personal religious path, but I've been feeling a little vulnerable to do that, so instead I'm going to start a thread to allow others to ask about my path, I'll give answers should anyone be interested, and that...
  7. EverChanging

    General prayer to Olympians

    Does anyone know of a prayer addressing the Olympians in general? If you wish to link me or share I'd be appreciative!
  8. EverChanging

    Hellenic calendar

    So, I am much attracted to the calendar in the link below and I've long wanted to work with Hellenic deities and have established a theological framework to do that. The problem I'm having is finding rituals for each of these months to honor the associated deities and virtues. Do I have to...
  9. EverChanging

    Freedom of belief?

    I'd like to ask how much freedom of belief LDS members have in their religion? I suspect that there is quite a bit of flexibility, but I'm curious because while the religion isn't creedal there is quite a lot of prophecy issued even in present times, and lots of scripture, too. (I'm proud to...
  10. EverChanging

    Subjective vs objective universe

    What is meant by subjective and objective universe? Can anyone explain this or point me toward some resources to learn? Thanks!
  11. EverChanging


    How do you understand the concept of Will (with a capital W) if you indeed work with that concept? I am influenced by Thelema and have come across other Thelemites online that have my understanding of Will, though I am not at all sure my understanding is what Crowley or most Thelemites have in...
  12. EverChanging

    Definition of magic

    How do you define magic? Do you practice it? How many left hand pathers here do not practice magic? I am a little hazy on the definition, though I am fond of one that goes something like causing "change in conformity with Will." In that sense I practice magic. But I practice ritual magic...
  13. EverChanging

    Determinism and Moral Nihilism

    A question for determinists: are you also a moral nihilist? Do you see a connection between the two concepts? How are they related?
  14. EverChanging

    Question for neo-pagans: Difference between venerating gods and spirits

    For those of you who have worked with both gods and spirits or venerated both, do you feel there is a difference in your experiences between the two? I'm just wondering if there is since some neo-pagans don't feel drawn to gods at all and work solely with ancestors or other types of spirits.
  15. EverChanging


    Are any traditional Abrahamic angels such as Michael or Uriel mentioned in Gnostics scriptures like the Nag Hammadi library? Could anyone give me references?
  16. EverChanging

    Eternalism/The Block Universe

    In the theory of eternalism the past, the present, and the future all exist within the universe at different spatio-temporal locations. One's life would be like a book in a sense. You may perceive yourself to be reading one page (conscious at one point), but the past and future events of your...
  17. EverChanging


    Have any Gnostics here baptized yourselves? How did you do it? If you are a gnostic what does baptism mean to you and what does it accomplish? Is it something that you do more than once? Do you require someone else to baptize you or can you baptize yourself?
  18. EverChanging

    Suffering on the behalf of others

    The article below mentions the practice of bearing our suffering on behalf of others, suffering for them, and then also dedicating our happiness for them. Is this a common Buddhist practice? What are some ways to put this into practice?
  19. EverChanging

    The knowledge argument & dualism

    Do you think the knowledge argument successfully refutes physicalism? Why or why not? Knowledge argument - Wikipedia
  20. EverChanging

    The knowledge argument

    I am not sure how to answer this argument for dualism and against physicalism. What do you make of it? Does Mary learn anything new? Knowledge argument - Wikipedia