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Search results for query: "Proverbs 29:17"

  1. The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: 29, 17
  1. DagonVarunaMitraApolloZan

    RF (Religious Forums) FIGHT CLUB (without breaking rules)!

    Great job writing all that and entering the fray! So far, you're the only one who has done so! Congratulations and I find it very noble, for indeed, if one has the right way, how cruel is it not to share it, and furthermore, how poor a soldier is one who doesn't even stand up for what they think...
  2. F

    The Restitution Of All Things

    THE CORRECTIVE JUDGMENTS OF GOD 0 Lord, correct me, but with judgment; not in Thine anger, lest Thou bring me to nothing (lest Thou diminish me)." [Jeremiah 10:24]. The Hebrew word for "correct" is "yasar," and has also been translated as- TO INSTRUCT, TO CHASTEN, BE TAUGHT, BE REFORMED, etc...
  3. MJFlores

    Chiristianity can be harmful to children.

    Children have bibles? Maybe they would watch episodes of Super Book but to read the bible? Really? I learned to drive a car [18 y.o.] before learning the Bible [20 y.o.]. Or that is America, now days? Oh yes, you have the 2nd Ammendment A child could handle a 9mm but a 0.45 cal pistol is...
  4. savagewind

    Moslem boy beaten to death in Wales

    It is not only a problem in Islam. The Jehovah's Witnesses also feel pressure to make their children into believers. There are scriptures that are repeated often as "food at the right time" among JWs. Deuteronomy 6:6,7 These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts...
  5. Kathryn

    Questions for Church-going Christians

    OK I am going to add something, at the risk of sounding sappy. I believe that children are more attune spiritually sometimes than adults are. I believe that they are closer to God in many ways, because their hearts and minds have not been as corrupted with life's baggage and negative...