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Search results for query: "Proverbs 29:12"

  1. The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: 29, 12
  1. Messianic Israelite

    Yahweh first, others second, us last

    Hi It Aint Necessarily So. Good afternoon. I would say putting Yahweh first is noble because of the definition of the term 'noble' which is "having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles." When we put Yahweh first, we will be showing the same personal qualities as Yahweh and...
  2. U

    Is government a byproduct of our sinful nature?

    I think you might find of interest Proverbs 29:2; Proverbs 29:12 There is says people mourn when the wicked rule and when a ruler pays attention to lies his servants are wicked. It is righteousness that exalts a nation.... according to Proverbs 14:34. There would have been No need for Adam and...
  3. Subduction Zone

    Those who believe there is no God live by faith

    I see that your inability to understand the written word is still strong. No matter how many times you repeat the same thing over and over again it does not help you. You ignored the fact that there were several definitions and chose only one. That is cherry picking an improper debating...
  4. 3rdAngel

    Those who believe there is no God live by faith

    BEARING FALSE WITNESS 9th COMMANDMENT - WHAT DOES IT MEAN? EXODUS 20:16, You shall not BEAR FALSE (שׁקר) WITNESS against your neighbor. The Hebrew word used here for false H8267 שׁקר; šā·qer. The Hebrew word meaning of שׁקר; šā·qer means, without a cause, deceitful, falsehood feignedly...
  5. U

    Our Reason For Being Here On Earth

    Monarchs of human nations rule over people, and as per Proverbs 29:2 says when the wicked rule, people mourn. See also Proverbs 29:12 and 2 Chronicles 7:14. We now live in a time when there are two ruling at the same time, parallel rule between to governing bodies: (1) Men's rule and (2) God's...