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Search results for query: "Mark 8:23"

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  1. Redemptionsong

    The Lords Prayer - ‘Thine is the Kingdom…’

    So we agree that God is absolute truth and goodness, but we disagree about Jesus! You believe Jesus was a little bit of a sinner. He was a sinner, in your eyes, because he questioned his heavenly Father, rather than submit himself to the torture of crucifixion without a murmur. So, Jesus is a...
  2. W

    The Lords Prayer - ‘Thine is the Kingdom…’

    None of those were evil acts.
  3. Soapy

    The Lords Prayer - ‘Thine is the Kingdom…’

    ‘There is none good but God!’ That’s what I said. If God is the only absolute Good then all else is relatively good. Did God do anything that was not good? Did Jesus do anything that was not good? Here are a few things: At 12 years old Jesus went with his mother and adopted Father to comply...
  4. oldbadger

    Were Jesus and Muhammad insane?

    Thankyou very much. I guess that must surely have exhausted the list, there are so many. ? I need to read all of them and file them for easy access.
  5. Cobol

    Were Jesus and Muhammad insane?

    Thank you for your honest and frank approach to the debate. Here is fifteen, and if you inquire for more, i will provide them. He implied that all Jews are going to hell. Mathew 8:12 He was a false prophet. Mathew 10:23, Mathew 16:28, Mark 9:1, Luke 9:27, Mathew 24:34, Mark 13:30, Luke 21:32...
  6. Kemosloby

    Pastor sprays pesticide into peoples' faces to cure them

    An excerpt from the article where the churches condemn the "pastor" Another Christian group that claims to represent 99 denominations and churches, Freedom of Religion South Africa, issued a statement on Tuesday repudiating Rabalago for his actions. “While we believe that the Bible teaches that...
  7. 1robin

    If Jesus could heal blind men, why didn't he just heal blindness?

    That is what is called an optimization fallacy. You have decided that if God does not accomplish his goal in a way (That you BTW) decide is not optimal it can't have happened. The entire Bible is full of God doing things through non-optimal ways. You could have just as easily said God should...
  8. Tellurian

    Jesus as Vespasion

    More information is being revealed to show that the biblical Jesus was actually a fictional, composite figure who was created by the writers of the gospels in the second century from the stories of several different historical persons. The stories in Mark 8:23 and John 9:11 about how the...