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Search results for query: "Genesis 10:32"

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  1. Iti oj

    The Watchtower Society and the global flood

    Pegg this is all just circlar logic this says this and this ergo if a is true and c is true b must be so, yet it contradicts everything I've learned in history class. Their is no record of hebrew predating anything.nor and evidence for a one langauage world. Also is their evidence out side of...
  2. Pegg

    The Watchtower Society and the global flood

    If the bible account is true, it says; Genesis 10:32 These were the families of the sons of Noah according to their family descents, by their nations, and from these the nations were spread about in the earth after the deluge. 11:1  Now all the earth continued to be of one language and of...
  3. W

    Is the biblical flood story copied from the Gilgamesh Epic?

    Mr. Blood, There is another way of looking at flood information, quite different from those offered by theorists: Scriptures say that, following the flood, when the population grew large enough on the Plains Of Shinar in the vicinity of Mt. Ararat, the first city built was Babylon, with its...
  4. S

    Why is cain not mentioned in the geneology of Adam?

    Considering we have just read from Genesis 10: 32; "All these peoples are the descendants of Noah, nation by nation, according to their lines of descent. After the flood all the nations of the earth were the descendant of the sons of Noah who was a descendant of Adam from whom every person...
  5. S

    Why is cain not mentioned in the geneology of Adam?

    Genesis 10: 32; "After the flood all the nations of the earth (Not just some of the nations, but all of the nations of the earth) were descended from the sons of Noah." This included the nation of the Kenites. Good News Bible.
  6. J

    evolution question

    Evolutionary Thinking and Race In 1859 evolutionist Charles Darwin had his book The Origin of Species published. In it he taught that there was a competition between the different varieties of living things and that the best fitted to live in a given environment would survive and perpetuate...
  7. EnhancedSpirit

    Jewish/Christian: Genesis 10:25

    I have disected each word of the passage, there were no mis-translations here. But there is a connection with a verse later in this chapter that suggests that it is merely a time when the nations were forming. Genesis 10:32 These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations...