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Search results for query: "Matthew 23:13"

  1. The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: 23, 13
  1. 2


    Matthew 23:13-39 was placing the guilt/blood of those who the Pharisees persecuted and killed upon their sons, those that follow the Pharisees that persecuted and killed God's "righteous". The angels of death are a coming, and it is best that one does not follow the wide path of the false...
  2. 3rdAngel


    Its judgemental to condemn others saying that there posts are fill of hate and rage and not love. Do you know for a fact that @2ndpillar 's posts are written in hate? What about John the Baptist calling the Scribes and the Pharisees sinners and vipers (snakes) saying to them who has warned you...
  3. W

    Thy Kingdom Come

    What do you suppose this verse has to do with capitalism? Not seeing it.
  4. Fool

    Thy Kingdom Come

    Epic fail Matthew 23:13 13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
  5. Fool

    JESUS, God, the Ordinal First and Last

    No, you talked about people being born into the earth unlike Jesus. Everyone is born of a spirit. Not everyone, like you, wakes up from the delusion. Jesus came to return the lost sheep to the father.not to bow down and worship at best a demigod himself. Jesus kept pointing inward unlike...
  6. nPeace

    more and more christians believe in karma and reincarnation

    Well I did not determine Christianity by what I think. Do you think that Christianity is determined by "how we see it"? Are you saying, you can interpret these verses to mean anything you want them to, and they do not refer to apostasy? (1 Timothy 4:1) However, the inspired word clearly says...
  7. KW

    "Upon this rock", which rock?

    These are bigoted comments totally removed from reality.
  8. Fool

    "Upon this rock", which rock?

    i don't mind being judged with love. like jesus said john 7:24 love is righteous. love is an action and not some floral words. most of the religious are fear and hate mongers who wouldn't lift a hand to help the poor and needy. nothing has changed about the religious elitists but the...
  9. Sand Dancer

    Is the Religious Right in America gunning for you?

    But not religiously neutral, and back then, religion and politics were mixed.
  10. Kelly of the Phoenix

    Is the Religious Right in America gunning for you?

    Sorry but John the Baptist was executed for saying that the king was immoral. Jesus threw a Temple Tantrum, assaulting people with a whip. They were executed for political resistance.
  11. U

    Is the Religious Right in America gunning for you?

    Jesus gives his reasons and explains why the many reasons for his many ' woes ' pronounced at Matthew 23:13-35 Jesus nor his followers tried to overthrow authority, nor try to operate the machinery of government. Jesus and his followers did Not get involved in the 'issues of the day' between the...
  12. Triumph

    Which Old Testament Prophecy Fulfills Luke 24:46-47

    What you want is understanding of symbolism in your book and your conclusion evades any possibility of understanding the path to salvation. Woe to your book's scribes. Luke 11:47 Woe unto you! for ye build the sepulchres of the prophets, and your fathers killed them. Ezekiel 24:9 Therefore...
  13. nPeace

    Circumcision without consent. Is it wrong?

    None? Then why the bogus argument? Equally absurd to treat them as a nationals, or even give them a name, right? o_O. :confused: You are accusing me of many things. First, you lash out... What do you think Jehovah says about hypocrisy? I answered your question, and you accuse me of doing what...
  14. Triumph

    Does God use a channel ?

    You support the wrathful Jewish God, Lord God and his lies that begin in Genesis 2:4 after the REAL living God, Father of Jesus stops telling us about His creation. Everything is already created and people have been alive for generations IN THE DAY Abraham invented his concept of a Lord God so...
  15. Triumph

    Paul - An Apostle?

    1 Only Paul and his followers preach Christ crucified to remove sins. The true church does not because they learned Jesus does not want sacrifice. Jews did not accept Jesus as the Christ and felt righteous when Jesus died and felt righteous before Jesus died. They knew Jesus was not a...
  16. nPeace

    Paul - An Apostle?

    Again, this is not true. Jesus forgives. I'm not seeing that demonstrated in you. Did Jesus dine with Pharisees? Yes. Why? He told us. Did you read it, or would you like me to quote it. A Pharisee came to Jesus by night. Do you know his name, or do I need to tell you? Was he not the same one...
  17. Triumph

    Paul - An Apostle?

    You quote Hebrews which are the words of a man that calls himself a Pharisee even after he called himself an Apostle. You are aware that Jesus disapproves of Pharisees and said none are in the kingdom of heaven? Paul is verifying he will never be in the kingdom of Heaven by calling himself a...
  18. Triumph

    Paul - An Apostle?

    Acts is like a forum where followers of Jesus present their doctrine and those that do not present theirs. Paul claims he is filled with Holy Ghost. A person that is actually filled with Holy Ghost does not demand the death of Jesus. Not one of the disciples of Jesus believed Jesus should die...
  19. Triumph

    Was Paul a legitimate apostle?

    Jesus chose 12 Apostles because each Apostle has a throne in heaven to judge the 12 tribes of Israel in the end of days. Only 12 are allowed because there are only 12 thrones of judgement. Judas was removed as an Apostle because he helped to cause the death of Jesus by betrayal all the while...
  20. Windwalker

    I'm Not a Tolerant Person

    All of these were directed to the self-righteous religious hypocrites. Not to those we seek to understand, rather than condemn. Which of those two best represent your approach? I recall your very condemning post about that gay minister who dressed in drag that day to make a point to his...