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  1. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Inside Looking Out vs Outside Looking In Regarding Religion

    Unless you are a very inclusive Omnist you will never be on the inside of all religions. What the question really is asking, is, are you part of the inside of any religion. I’m not asking if you are part of all religions, but rather, do you belong on the inside of at least one religion. That’s...
  2. Exaltist Ethan

    God = good?

    In my religious tradition God is known to be change, and not all change is obviously good. However, even more than that, change is known to be infinite. It continues forever. I see God as something that forever changes, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. But it’s always there as we...
  3. Exaltist Ethan

    Who was Muhammad?

    Maybe I’m just brainwashed by Christians but I always considered Muhammad not a very good person. There’s a lot of controversy regarding him. Didn’t he kill a lot of people and marry girls under aged? Yeah, not good in my opinion. Most people could be better prophets if they were in the same...
  4. Exaltist Ethan

    How certain are you about your belief?

    I'm pretty certain of my beliefs, and as I believe people work to create synverses, or Gods, they will be able to create the realities they want for themselves in the not-to-distant far future from now. "God is what nature is becoming" and with that, nature will become more Godlike as time rolls...
  5. Exaltist Ethan

    What effect does religion have on your life?

    I answered "something different" due to how my beliefs and religion are so different from most people, it's really not either positive or negative, just ... something different altogether. Sometimes I can alienate people with the way I present my ideas but I very much so like the ideas I have...
  6. Exaltist Ethan

    I will fasting in Ramadan

    I did not know Ramadan was approaching so soon. I thought Ramadan was like August or September. Please excuse my ignorance.
  7. Exaltist Ethan

    Your proposal story.

    I love these stories, but I have erotomania and purpose to girls on Twitter or the YouTube comments section when I’m off my medications…
  8. Exaltist Ethan

    If all paths lead to God, why should I choose your religion ?

    But does that really matter? People can pray for anything they want. Also, typically, prayer isn’t used for all hardships, just the hardest hardships.
  9. Exaltist Ethan

    If all paths lead to God, why should I choose your religion ?

    Prayer doesn’t help the outcome of a situation, but it does help the person praying through a situation. Whatever happens is what God wanted. If you get hit in a car accident and died it was because someone wanted to be in a space that you were currently occupying. And same goes with pretty...
  10. Exaltist Ethan


    I agree with what I said but i agree more with what you said, so I don’t call myself a Christian. Also, if we are going to make stories up, Christ should be a mason and not a carpenter. There’s more utility out of being a mason than being a carpenter.
  11. Exaltist Ethan

    Anti-trans bill passes in Kentucky

    Personally I think the right age to transition, if someone need to, is 18+. “I can die for my country but not get a sex change?” But I also think tobacco and alcohol should also be 18+. Consent should be 18+ too. And renting a damn car too! Everything should be legal at 18 except for becoming...
  12. Exaltist Ethan

    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 2!

    During today’s “epiphany” I felt like I was going to die if I fell asleep. It totally freaked me out. I am not going to make that mistake again. Death is a separate act than sleeping or dreaming and should be treated like such. I’m currently getting rid of all these negative thoughts that...
  13. Exaltist Ethan


    Jesus is a prime example of human extropy. As a human carpenter and making stuff out of wood he has utility, through his abilities he was generous, he taught men the parable, making them wiser, his sovereignty was through his church and he unity almost a third of the world into one religion -...
  14. Exaltist Ethan

    What if.......WWIII happens next month

    If we kill ourselves in one silly stupid war then the resurrection probably won’t happen. Think about it. Nobody alive to bring us back AND aliens who come looking for us in the far future and discover all of us dead as skeletons and fossils won’t even want to resurrect us, thinking that we were...
  15. Exaltist Ethan

    What is Faith?

    To me, faith is hope. Of course, no two words in the English language are exactly the same, but, when someone expresses their faith to me I immediately assume they hope that thing is going to happen. Of course, this isn't always true. For example, if someone has faith that they are going to...
  16. Exaltist Ethan

    The Exclusivity of Christianity

    That is what I meant and if you thought I meant the opposite then it was probably an error on my part. See, I didn't even know before that Baha'is believed in purgatory. Is that a common held belief for the Baha'is or is that something only you and a handful of other Baha'is believe in? I...
  17. Exaltist Ethan

    The Exclusivity of Christianity

    This is your whole argument in a nutshell. I may not have evidence of this resurrection, but there’s plenty of things once thought impossible that we can do now, too. Human life is a valuable asset, and having as many people as possible in the distant future is going to be a necessity, and...
  18. Exaltist Ethan

    I will fasting in Ramadan

    It's funny that you should mention this now, because today is the last day of fasting for Baha'is this year. Most Baha'is partake in what's called the "19 Day Fast" that begins on March 1st and ends on March 20th. Ramadan isn't for several months. Maybe if you value all religions equally maybe...
  19. Exaltist Ethan

    The Exclusivity of Christianity

    The idea that people will get a reality afterlife they want is not as less plausible as you think. We already do that to some degree by having TVs, cars, and Internet forums where people can talk to each other. I just take that reality to its logical extreme. I am not talking about tomorrow. I...