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Search results for query: "Exodus 3:9"

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  1. Deeje

    Where does the NWT Bible Falsify?

    Verse 2 clearly states that it is an angel. Why did you leave it out? This one spoke as if he was God....a true spokesman, using God's words. Do you understand this? He is God's representative. Jesus is most certainly the Logos....the one who spoke for God before his birth as a human. He spoke...
  2. D

    Where does the NWT Bible Falsify?

    Then you are making an argument for Jesus being God, since these verses are direct. By the way, how you are reading these verses as a 'representative' of God, and not God, I have no idea. Exodus 3:4-14 Exodus 3:4 Exodus 3:5 Exodus 3:6 Exodus 3:7 Exodus 3:8 Exodus 3:9 Exodus 3:10 Exodus 3:11...
  3. B

    God Has A Name.?!

    No, I don't. And I would not even pray to know the name of HaShem because if He denied it to Moses of all people, He would never give it to me. When Moses asked Him what to say to the Israelites if they asked for HaShem's name, He said, "Just tell them that "I Am" sent you to them. (Exodus 3:9-15)
  4. Pegg

    JWs, please answer!

    it says that God sent Moses to deliver the Isrealites from slavery. Acts 7:35 This same Moses whom they had disowned, saying: ‘Who appointed you ruler and judge?’ is the very one God sent as both ruler and deliverer by means of the angel who appeared to him in the thornbush. So in...