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Search results for query: "Matthew 26:2"

  1. The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: 26, 2
  1. U

    When was "the Messiah" first mentioned in scripture?

    To me Messiah mentioned twice (Daniel 9:25-26) is speaking about one coming Messiah. Messiah not only as Leader but the one cut off from the land of the living - Isaiah 53:8; Isaiah 53:12 Fulfilled in Jesus at Matthew 26:2; Luke 24:26; 1 Corinthians 15:3; 1 Peter 2:24
  2. Messianic Israelite

    Is Easter Pagan?

    When we carefully examine the holidays which are observed by the people of nominal Christianity, we find included among them a spring festival, as you have rightly stated, called “Easter”. A superficial examination of the time in which it occurs reveals that it is usually observed in close...
  3. JerryMyers

    How are the Titles, ‘Father’, and ‘Son’, defined in the scriptures - in relation to Spirit and Flesh

    You are really delusional, aren’t you?? Am I unwilling to accept Jesus’ true words??? Truth is - I am NOT willing to accept YOUR misinterpretation and/or misunderstanding of what Jesus REALLY said! What about Matthew 26:2 ?? You think Jesus was NOT aware of the Jews’ intention to falsely put...
  4. T

    How are the Titles, ‘Father’, and ‘Son’, defined in the scriptures - in relation to Spirit and Flesh

    First you were unwilling to accept it unless I showed a verse in the Bible where the Messiah himself said it. Then when I did you still don't accept it. Now it's not in the right book for you. How about Matthew 26:2? (Just admit you don't believe him no matter where the verse is at.) Read...
  5. IndigoChild5559

    Should I use the KJV ?

    First of all, ANY translation, by its nature, is inferior to the original language text. This is because any time you translate a document, you lose something of the original meaning. It is inevitable. There is no such thing as an exact translation. It just doesn't exist. The best you can...
  6. firedragon

    Should I use the KJV ?

    It seems like you have focused only on the translation and the language. But that's not the fundamental criticism of the KJV and its sources.
  7. Etritonakin

    Should I use the KJV ?

    Any translation allows for error. Even original texts can be misunderstood. Some parts of the KJV are outright deliberate changes to the original -such as substituting Easter for Passover, etc. I find it best to use Bible search software -looking at many translations -and the Strongs definitions...
  8. Left Coast

    Should I use the KJV ?

    Ironically, although JWs love to criticize the KJV now, prior to publishing the New World Translation in the 60s, the KJV was their preferred translation. My dad owns a KJV printed by the Watchtower.
  9. U

    Should I use the KJV ?

    Can I ask.... Do you want a translation for more accuracy in message or easier to read? I think many are putting more faith in how the bible is translated and not the message it translates...you look to scriptures as if It has eternal life, but even it speaks on my behalf. It seems to make...
  10. Neuropteron

    Should I use the KJV ?

    Repeatedly we hear that the best translation is the KJV bible. Sometimes, that it is the only bible inspired of God. Without a doubt its ubiquitous, and thus impossible to ignore. Let's start with comments about the person of King James himself: King James became the first earthly monarch to...
  11. iam1me

    Did Jesus commit suicide?

    Ha, well rejecting the Gospel of John appears to be a popular view in this thread. If we started discussing the Trinity most would do a 180 lolz. The Synoptic Gospels may lack the explicitness of John on this point, but they also maintain that Jesus was sent to die for our sins. This was always...
  12. Regiomontanus

    When Jesus Was Dead Was God Dead Too?

    Hello. Sorry, I should have said Holy Saturday. I attended Catholic mass last Easter with some family members (I am not Catholic) and the priest referred to it as silent Saturday and in general ofthe silence of Saturday. Holy Saturday: “God is Dead” And you are right of course on the Jewish...
  13. Deeje

    When Jesus Was Dead Was God Dead Too?

    Hmmmm..."silent Saturday"? Never heard of this. Did you know that the Jewish day began at sundown? So technically, each day began at sundown the day before. The Jewish Sabbath was Saturday which began at sundown Friday night, so the night before is when when Jesus was arrested (which would...
  14. Rival

    [FOR MUSLIMS] Am I, as a Christian, Officially a Disbeliever/Kaffir under these conditions?

    Dear All Muslims on RF Not all Church teaching comes from the Bible. We have this thing called CHURCH TRADITION. The CHURCH is the final authority, NOT The Bible. The Bible is a product of the Church, the Church is not a product of the Bible. How many times?? Jesus saying he will be...
  15. L

    An Act Of War!

    Hi ImAHebrew, Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM! Shabbat Shalom! Thus far on this thread, the majority of those who claim to believe in their pseudo Jesus, these deny that the Cross of Our Messiah Yahushua is an instrument of waging war used by YAHWEH ELOHIM...
  16. Redemptionsong

    Three days, three nights...

    Ingledsva, As Bible Student was arguing earlier, there are EIGHT days to the festival if you include preparation day. But, as I was trying to point out from scripture, there are only SEVEN days of EATING unleavened bread. There is also a need to look very closely at the text of the New...
  17. InvestigateTruth

    Koran v. Bible

    "Because to recieve this truth requires what most Christians including me find hard to do. We must live an obedient life, full of quiet intrespection, and of attentiveness to God free of false tradition. That being said virtually all Christian denominations agree on most doctrine they usually...
  18. 1robin

    Koran v. Bible

    You seem like a nice, respectfull person but this is getting frustrating. This is the verse where people get this idea of something else coming after Jesus. Notice the word prophet or man is not even in the verse. I used the word prophet because you did and that was not the issue. If you are...