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Search results for query: "1 Kings 15:5"

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  1. nPeace


    Candor, related to the adjective candid, refers to straightforward honesty or frankness in speech or expression. The fact that it is frequently preceded by the adjective refreshing suggests that it is often unexpected, a shift from guarded or euphemistic language Candor is a common feature in...
  2. Libski

    What is in a name: Why are Christians readily accepting of Judaic theology and not Islamic theology?

    I didn’t claim that it did. :-) My view is that three people can’t become one flesh. And what God says for one He says for all. Sara went against God and gave her maid to Abraham. That was the will of flesh, not the will of God. How can polygamy be the will of God as well as ‘two become one...
  3. Katzpur

    What is in a name: Why are Christians readily accepting of Judaic theology and not Islamic theology?

    Mormons believe that when Jesus Christ told Peter, James and John that He intended to "build [His] church," He meant it. We believe that He did just that. Paul prophesied, though, that the Church Jesus Christ established would fall into apostasy. Mormonism teaches that this did, in fact...
  4. Thief

    Let's Talk About the Holy Spirit

    seems the Carpenter missed that piece of scripture..... and walked into the Temple with a scourge and an open can of whoop ***
  5. savagewind

    Let's Talk About the Holy Spirit

    The Jehovah's Witnesses teach pacifism as the ONLY way. They say if you are not a pacifist, you can not be a child of God. 1 Samuel 18:7 1 Kings 15:5
  6. H

    Biblical Contradictions

    Christ ascended from Mount Olivet Acts 1:9,12 Christ ascended from Bethany Luke 24:50,51 Paul's attendants heard the miraculous voice, and stood speechless Acts 9:7 Paul's attendants heard not the voice and were prostrate Acts 26:14 Abraham departed to go into Canaan Gen 12:5...