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  1. wicketkeeper

    Self Inquiry.

    I have started reading 'Silence of the Heart' which is a collection of dialogues with the Mystic, Robert Adams. I am taking it real slow so as to soak in what is conveyed through Robert's words. I would truly appreciate hearing about other forum members' experiences relating to self inquiry. I...
  2. wicketkeeper

    Hi Deeje, its been a while ! Hope you are well.

    Hi Deeje, its been a while ! Hope you are well.
  3. wicketkeeper

    Terrified of becoming an atheist again

    I don't have a belief in God etc. I am an experienced meditator, it was through Buddhism I came to know meditation. I would recommend Direct Knowledge over belief - because in the middle of the word belief there is a lie.
  4. wicketkeeper

    Terrified of becoming an atheist again

    It may be time to step out from all religious movements and to spend time in simple meditation, which will calm the mind. When doing simple tasks be at one with what it is your doing and keep your focus on your doing; sounds like mindfulness, and the good thing about this doing meditation it...
  5. wicketkeeper

    Terrified of becoming an atheist again

    I am now an old man - not that I feel old, well not all the time ! I am outside religion, and have even been an atheist for a while. I am trying to shed the unnecessary layers of my egoic self, and have done ok, I still have dark nights of the soul which can last several weeks ! I think we...
  6. wicketkeeper

    Does god want everyone to be saved?

    To live from the heart is my way of life, and I have been doing so for 40 years. I often fail but rise up and dust myself down and focus on living from the heart. Death does not fear me as I have had a NDE(Near Death Experience)and know where I am going.
  7. wicketkeeper

    Does god want everyone to be saved?

    Snap ! Sometimes religious dogma can blind the reader. I like to dig deeper. I question everything. This is my current way of reading the Bible - New and Old Testaments( I also am of the opinion that religion is being used as a tool of control and suffocation). Assigning a higher than a...
  8. wicketkeeper

    What is Spiritual?

    Its funny when a person claims to be 'spiritual.' Generally speaking these people talk the walk but don't but don't walk the walk ! I think it wise to not make such a claim and find or start a new project. Obviously for forums we need to verbalize our beliefs and disagreements via our keyboard.
  9. wicketkeeper

    Communism and Transhumanism

    UK sci-fi series which began in the 1960's, Dr Who, gave us a heavy hint of what was to come with the Cybermen. Transhumanism has been on the agenda for many years. the Cybermen looked clumsey but the hint was heavy. A film from the 1980's - Total Recall gave us X Ray terminals at airports. The...
  10. wicketkeeper

    What is wrong with those people who smoke cigarettes?

    I smoke a pipe about three times a week and I also smoke cigars(I started early too !). My dad told me that smoking cigarettes helped keep him sane during his time as a soldier during WW2. As for the negative side of smoking tobacco, I would fire a back hand volley across the court and say in...
  11. wicketkeeper

    Alone with God

  12. wicketkeeper

    Alone with God

    Know thyself - know God. When people say they have met God, it is instead, their Higher self. This sits tight with me until something further tests the waters with me !
  13. wicketkeeper

    Have you ever met a medium?

    Yes ! My wife ! Plus I've seen some good mediums and I've seen bad ones(obvious fraudsters). It was early on in our relationship when my wife told me she could see a tall, well dressed man, who told her of the last conversation we had ! I had not told anyone about it so to say I was shocked...
  14. wicketkeeper

    If Jesus is God he sacrificed nothing for us.

    Deeje, I read the Bible(the parts I have read) allegorically. I do not read it as llteral truth. Jesus - Sun 12 Disciples - 12 Houses of the Zodiac. Judas Iscariot - the Lower Self, Shakespeare wrote that all of life is a stage, and each day we(through the Lower Self) provide the...
  15. wicketkeeper

    If Jesus is God he sacrificed nothing for us.

    I want to know one thing: is this 'lower self' you equate with ego, real, and what is it's source? Great question. Expanding further on matters relating to the 'lower self'. The source is.......whatever 'I' is writing your words. Due to what is referred to as a Near Death Experience(NDE)...
  16. wicketkeeper

    What Do You Think of Theresa May?

    Theresa May is doing the bidding of her masters'. She is doing well - to those who give her the orders ! She is looking after the rich as other PM's have done. As for Brexit, that was/is a mighty diversion, and I personally don't think she will be the PM to fulfil Brexit. The Bilderbergers are...
  17. wicketkeeper

    What is the Truth?

    Truth. Truth cannot be spoken. It is within. The physical realm is where we make our way to our Truth.
  18. wicketkeeper

    If Jesus is God he sacrificed nothing for us.

    Deeje, sorry to intrude, but heaven & hell are states of being. My mother was an alcoholic and was often in hell ! I have a friend who is a heavy drug user and he has been told never to get in touch with his family. He ripped most of his family off including his parents. He was a mess, and...
  19. wicketkeeper

    If Jesus is God he sacrificed nothing for us.

    For me, Jesus represents the lower self(egoic mind), and his 'sacrifice' on the cross represents the death of the ego. His 'sacrifice' shows us what we need to do - 'kill' the lower self and by doing this the result is the Higher Self(Father/God) becomes flesh. Easier said than done ! Our...
  20. wicketkeeper

    Baha'i Teachings.org as a resource....

    Thanks arthra.