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Search results

  1. SirKnight1788

    How To Speak Norin Irish

    Really Norin Irish or Southern Irish?
  2. SirKnight1788

    Biblical proof the Book of Mormon is True

    I see no proof in this!
  3. SirKnight1788

    KFC asks Pope to bless new fish sandwich

    No I typed something that did not make sense so I delated it hence my old sig came up. It has nothing to do with el papa and KFC.
  4. SirKnight1788

    Norin Irish Conversation

    [ This section will help you with the conversational skill of talking to a Northern Irish person/s. ] Use these templates as a basis of understanding. If you can master this, you should be able to hold a medium length discussion with a Northern Irish person Remember, you can meet a Northern...
  5. SirKnight1788

    Local Delicacies of Northern Ireland

    Northern Irish people love to eat nearly as much as they love to drink, so when you meet a Northern Irish person the chances are they'll be eating or drinking. The Food: A firm staple in any Norn Iron diet is Tayto Cheese & Onion. Tasty on their own or in a buttered piece, Tayto Cheese &...
  6. SirKnight1788

    How To Speak Norin Irish

    These may be usefull if you come to Northern Ireland for the first time- "What about ye" Colloquial greeting, largely rhetorical. For those keen on economy of effort, this can also be executed without the use of speech via a simple flick of the head skyward. Accepted as a formal greeting even...
  7. SirKnight1788

    Has Basic Morality Ceased to Be Important?

    A recent survey conducted by Keele University in Northern Staffordshire, England has exposed an appalling lack of basic honesty among far too many ordinary British citizens. Cutting corners in basic morality is more prevalent in the Western world today than previously thought possible. England...
  8. SirKnight1788

    On the way to Emmaus

    A deeply moving and instructive episode occurred during the late afternoon on the day of the saviour’s resurrection. Two lonely followers of Jesus were travelling on a quiet country road just outside of Jerusalem. They where leaving the Holy City by the Western gate and turning North West on...
  9. SirKnight1788

    KFC asks Pope to bless new fish sandwich

    2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.
  10. SirKnight1788

    On the 5 august 1983

    I did not know that the BBC where in th ebuisness of Propaganda!
  11. SirKnight1788

    KFC asks Pope to bless new fish sandwich

    KFC asks Pope to bless new fish sandwich www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17276043/ Company hopes ‘Fish Snacker’ sandwich will be popular during Lent LOUISVILLE, Ky. - For years, anything produced by KFC had to meet the standards of Colonel Harlan Sanders. For its new product, the fried chicken chain is...
  12. SirKnight1788

    On the 5 august 1983

    BBC 1983: IRA members jailed for 4,000 years Twenty-two members of the IRA have been jailed for a total of more than 4,000 years following one of Northern Ireland's biggest mass trials. Four defendants were given life sentences with 18 others receiving shorter prison terms. In total 38...
  13. SirKnight1788

    Uproar as Vatican tries to get King David’s tomb

    Uproar as Vatican tries to get King David’s tomb www.ianpaisley.org/new...asp?ID=476 King David’s tomb, situated on Mount Zion, is one of Israel’s most sacred sites. The Vatican is trying to gain ownership of the so called Cenacle, the alleged place of the Last Supper, which lies above it. The...
  14. SirKnight1788

    German Politician Sparks Creationism Education Row

    German Politician Sparks Creationism Education Row www.christiantoday.com.../11748.htm A German minister for culture has provoked outrage among politicians and some religious figures for suggesting theological questions about the origin of the world should be included in school biology lessons...
  15. SirKnight1788

    Cambodia limits Christian activities

    Cambodia limits Christian activities news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20...ristians_1 By SOPHENG CHEANG, Associated Press Writer Tue Jul 17, 8:36 PM ET PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Cambodia's government issued a directive preventing Christians from promoting their religion in public places, or using money or...
  16. SirKnight1788

    South Korea turns against 'arrogant' Christian hostages

    South Korea turns against 'arrogant' Christian hostages www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/ … 834039.ece Saturday, August 04, 2007 By Daniel Jeffreys The kidnap of South Korean church volunteers by the Taliban has caused deep divisions back home, forcing into the open a dark truth: many Koreans...
  17. SirKnight1788

    Pictures of Northern Ireland

    Thank you, alas no they are not I am not a good photographer.
  18. SirKnight1788

    'Quite extraordinary find'

    'Quite extraordinary find' Scanned in from the British Church Newspaper www.britishchurchnewspaper.co.uk 20/7/07 A Fortnightly Protestant Newspaper (£15 per year inc p& p in UK) 'Quite extraordinary find' Astonishment at British Museum as tablet confirms Jeremiah 39 by a correspondent So...
  19. SirKnight1788

    Are you Hungry ?

    Spiritual Hunger and Biblical Hunger! Do you think that it is possible for a Christian to be hungry for the spirit of the Lord and the word of God. Recently I have renewed my relationship with God and have discoverd an overwhelming desire to read the word of God and to understand it more. Is it...