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Search results

  1. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Can Christians go Naked?

    Don't mind you going naked if you are reasonably buff (male or female) but please not if you are old and flabby. Save that for the bedroom, your partner may still enjoy your physique, regardless of your sagginess, but that doesn't mean the general public will. Whatever religious message you...
  2. The Holy Bottom Burp

    The Catholic Church should be shut down

    I live just down the road from a birth control clinic (Marie Stopes), I drive past it on the way to work every day, observing two or three Catholics making an ostentatious protest outside with their little banners and their "showy" praying (maybe two days out of five?). Sometimes I feel I should...
  3. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Flat earth believers

    In terms of who believes this stuff (or possibly "believes" it ironically like people do the FSM) this article might help. It doesn't seem to be a unified movement, just a bunch of disparate conspiracy theorists and jokers. Flat-Earthers are back: 'It’s almost like the beginning of a new religion'
  4. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Are all atheists facing Hell?

    :D I wasn't trying to beat you up! I've said it before Katzpur, I like the idea of the LDS "layered" heaven where atheists get a shot at eternal life, but you still believe there is hell/annihilation for some though right? Besides the LDS movement is pretty "fluid" when it comes to doctrine...
  5. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Are all atheists facing Hell?

    Forgive me for butting in, but all religious belief should be of interest to secular people seeking a better world for humanity. Religion continues to be an extremely powerful and controlling drug; I don't deny it can have a positive effect and make life better for people who are suffering, but...
  6. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Happy Birthday Infinitum!!

    Doesn't Infinitum just keep having birthdays infinitely in some sort of paradoxical fashion? Whatever, happy birthday! :)
  7. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Question for unbelievers

    I don't have anything to add to the points already made by my unbelieving brothers and sisters - don't think I've ever given out so many "likes" on one thread! All I'd say is that people lose their beliefs in a deity or deities, but they don't go and blow their brains out as a result. I have...
  8. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Loneliness is killing us!

    Sure, there is a big difference in being alone and being lonely, it really depends on your life history; on you as an individual. Personally, I'm enormously at ease in my own company, it doesn't bother me that I don't have loads of friends or a rich history of relationships under my belt. Such...
  9. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Legalized Pedophilia

    So you're saying you are not opposed to same sex marriage? If so, sorry, I missed the irony in the OP. I would still say trying to link same sex marriage with paedophilia is an extreme minority view even in religious circles, the vast majority of religious people are more informed and mature...
  10. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Must Watch Video: Jesus Never Existed

    Sure, but I wasn't proposing the census actually happened, more that it seems an unnecessary fabrication if no HJ existed. If you have a blank sheet of paper to make up a Messiah, make him one that strongly fulfils prophecy without the need for an implausible census to put him in the place he...
  11. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Must Watch Video: Jesus Never Existed

    I haven't quite finished reading your link but I found it interesting about the "fabricated census", that required Jesus to be delivered in Bethlehem to fulfil prophecy. Hitchens actually used that as evidence of a HJ. Why go to those lengths with a convoluted and unlikely scenario if they were...
  12. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Legalized Pedophilia

    Neither of those links suggest there is anything in your claim "I have often read that the legalization of same-sex marriage would open a pandora's box; such as, legalizing pedophilia." They are talking about people exploiting loopholes in state laws that do not specify a legal minimum age for...
  13. The Holy Bottom Burp

    The last post is the WINNER!

    I weeded my garden and gave my wooden garden furniture a second coat of oil. It looks pretty damn fine if I say so myself - I think I'd prefer to live in my garden and just visit the house for necessities. Oh yeah, and I win!
  14. The Holy Bottom Burp

    The last post is the WINNER!

    :trophy: There you go Ginger, don't say I ignore minority interests. :D
  15. The Holy Bottom Burp

    Must Watch Video: Jesus Never Existed

    Yeah, for me this is a pointless question. Nobody can build up a convincing case one way or the other. If I'm honest I thought Richard Carrier posited an intellectually plausible case at one point, but these days I'm thinking he is more about selling books. Don't get me wrong, I think his case...
  16. The Holy Bottom Burp

    The last post is the WINNER!

    The bear never puts in any notable effort, he's a bear! If you have really "beenherebeforeagain" I'd expect you to know that!:p
  17. The Holy Bottom Burp

    The last post is the WINNER!

    Lazy! Lazy people don't get to win!
  18. The Holy Bottom Burp

    The last post is the WINNER!

    Right, final attempt to post a damn picture!
  19. The Holy Bottom Burp

    fake gods?

    Yep, @LuisDantas nailed it for me as an atheist, all gods are fake. Check this one out India guru rape: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh jailed for 20 years - BBC News As much as I'm glad this piece of sh*t got a twenty year sentence 38 people have been killed in riots over it, there is almost certainly...
  20. The Holy Bottom Burp

    The last post is the WINNER!

    It has been a wonderfully sunny day in the UK, it is now a pleasantly warm evening and I sit here in my lovely garden at my lovely garden table, winning...:)