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  1. Shiranui117

    Body-Shaming of Men

    Being smaller-size is a great advantage in a fight if you're agile and quick enough to get past their reach and get into grappling range; you have a lower center of gravity which makes it easier for you to throw/trip them and makes it harder for vice-versa. Their longer limbs makes it harder for...
  2. Shiranui117

    Body-Shaming of Men

    I will freely admit that, when I'm driving and see someone kicking a muscle car or truck or motorcycle into obnoxiously high gear on a sleepy suburban road, my reaction every time is to shout "Tiny penis!". Not because I care about what size they may or may not actually be, but because they're...
  3. Shiranui117

    How to outmatch God in a physical fight

    I choose an IQ test vs. Thor. Vs. Zeus, we play golf, but our scorecards are determined by how many women we've *ahem* gotten acquainted with. Lowest score wins.
  4. Shiranui117

    Christian: Practical Application of Scripture

    The knowledge that is spoken of here is knowledge of God and what is good and just. Hosea 4:1-10 makes this clear; the people are destroyed because they don't know God or His commandments. One doesn't have to have a great intellect to follow Christ; He picked fishermen among others to follow...
  5. Shiranui117

    Christian: Practical Application of Scripture

    If we're just sitting here treating Christianity as an intellectual exercise and not as a means of struggle against our own sins and towards the reconciliation of people to themselves, to each other and to God, we're doing it extremely wrong. Faith without works is dead. A lamp hidden under a...
  6. Shiranui117

    Old Liturgies

    You might be interested in this: Liturgy Archive The rubrics for the Tridentine Mass should be widely available. Here's a rubric for the Sarum Rite: The Sarum Missal in English
  7. Shiranui117

    Elisha, two bears, and 42 massacred children.

    Because the word translated there as "children" can mean not just a boy, but also a young man, or a servant, or even a royal official. Such as in 2 Samuel 16:1-4, where Ziba is described as a servant (root word na'ar) of Mephibosheth and also in charge. This na'ar also is established to have...
  8. Shiranui117

    Elisha, two bears, and 42 massacred children.

    If there's 42 of them surrounding you and presumably about to kill you because you worship God and not their idols? Yes. They were telling him to "go up" to the high places of one of their gods and offer sacrifice. I'd like to see what conclusions you would make upon being surrounded by...
  9. Shiranui117

    Conan awarded Medal of Honor for chasing down Baghdadi

    Don't forget the butt scratches! Dogs always love those.
  10. Shiranui117

    Is there an official Trinity doctrine?

    Fun fact, the so-called "Athanasian Creed" was not actually composed by St. Athanasius. It was a Western text written in the 500's, more than a century after the death of St. Athanasius (who lived and was bishop in Alexandria, Egypt).
  11. Shiranui117

    Pork versus Goat !

    Anyone who puts pineapple on pizza is objectively the Antichrist and you cannot prove me wrong. Also anyone who dips their fries in their milkshake. Or anyone who likes ranch. Or anyone who pours orange juice into their cereal.
  12. Shiranui117

    This is Why Your God Will Condemn You Atheist Bashers to Hell

    They're all just tsunderes, like in those romcom or harem animes. "I-it's not like I care or anything... B-baka! Just go to literal hell already! >///<"
  13. Shiranui117

    Is there an official Trinity doctrine?

    What primary sources have you read? Which exact works and Fathers?
  14. Shiranui117

    Hillary's Email "Scandal" turn out to be a Republican Nothingburger

    AOC was never a candidate. She's not even eligible to run for President. She's only slightly older than your average graduate student.
  15. Shiranui117

    Do Messianic Christians in general believe in YHVH the One and Only God or in the Trinity?

    Interesting, so Hebrew has word-final stress? Also, is there a reason you don't go with a solution more like "Yahweh" or "Yahuweh"? I know there's a lot of back-and-forth on how the Tetragrammaton is supposed to be pronounced.
  16. Shiranui117

    Is there an official Trinity doctrine?

    Do you have any evidence that St. Athanasius believed this? Even after Nicaea, the Church never had one singular see that served as "a single authority". The only ultimate authority in the Church is when the Church gathers together in council, as in Acts 15. Christ sends the Holy Spirit, but...
  17. Shiranui117

    "LGBTQ Activists Shut Down Britain’s Only Chick-fil-A Just 9 Days After Opening"

    I just went to Chick-Fil-A today. Cars were lined up around the block to get some food. I happily enjoyed my chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets and waffle fries with buffalo sauce. Most people (at least in the US) don't care this much about politics, and almost everybody has been over and done...
  18. Shiranui117

    Trump is accused of betraying the Kurds

    I see nothing indicating that Trump or the US government told the Kurds to dismantle their defensive positions or promised them security guarantees. As much as I agree we shouldn't leave the Kurds high and dry, your initial claim in the OP is unsubstantiated by the article you posted. Did you...
  19. Shiranui117

    Trump is accused of betraying the Kurds

    Any source for this?