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  1. Electra


    You can see through the collective eye in this form on a consistent basis? I would be full sitting still hahaha. I don't feel that the individual eye is false as it is a part of the whole. How can a part of the whole be false? if you think that is ALL that is, sure but not as a total statement.
  2. Electra


    but only YOU can see through your eyes, each eye looks differently for a majority of the time
  3. Electra


    isn't all self-inquiry at least a bit self-centered?
  4. Electra

    The Savior

    te technically, yes but codependency is often used as a way to talk negatively about people who have to rely on other people. codependency has been a word used against people desperate for love. we NEED love, we need to be loved. do we not want to be needed by the world? do we not want to be...
  5. Electra

    The Savior

    the whole world is dependent on each other, may we become more dependent on each other. co-dependency is trust and safety
  6. Electra

    Love and Hierarchies, Orders, Boundless

    it is not necessary to remove hierarchy, but it is usefull to let it ebb and flow love is the strongest with boundries, even if you could merge two people together, there would be boundries, boundries make a picture, you could paint a picture with no bondries but it would be a brown blob lol...
  7. Electra

    Love, Holiness, and Righteousness

    if destruction is a form of creation, all is creation - do we think hate is a form of love, all is love. love is not good, love is not bad, love is all, all is love. we embrace love to the fullest by embracing our all.
  8. Electra

    Image of God

    but a twinkle in the eye of your father
  9. Electra

    God as a Service to Self and Service to Other as Self

    there is always hierarchy, someone is better at something, someone is worse at something the thing is people try and force hierarchy on perceived values but hierarchy ebs and flows depending on needs and desires
  10. Electra

    Knowing Thyself

    it's scary that i can't remember exactly how i used to feel and i will never know what i will feel they feel like strangers i only know how i feel now constantly destroying and creating
  11. Electra

    ok im here i guess

    ok im here i guess
  12. Electra

    A difficult part of me as person

    intersex :)
  13. Electra


  14. Electra


    it is the balance of it all, the truth of the changes are all a dance you can accept the 'good' in your life fully when you accept the 'bad', you can accept the 'bad' fully when you accept the 'good' in that sense, nothing changes because everything changes feeling the stability of the...
  15. Electra

    Christianity & Colonising

    Can Christianity ever be separated from a colonising tool of oppression? How much Ethnic Culture has been destroyed and manipulated by Christianity?
  16. Electra

    PlayStation 5 will play PlayStation 4 games ?

    There is a new Crash Bandicoot game coming out, i'm so exited!!
  17. Electra

    Love for God VS Love for People

    we can see the concept of 'law' around us in this reality by experiences of ourselves and/or others, if, as the story goes there are two people alone they would have no concept of law, why ask what?
  18. Electra

    What if Jesus comes tomorrow?

    Yes & Everything has to breathe, contraction and expansion. xx