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  1. Elvendon

    Let's Open Our Minds To The Truth

    Excellent *pours Booko some tea and passes him the cup* Interestingly enough, the crazy fundies and equally crazy "the Truth" chappies both seem to be more likely to do science degrees rather than humanities. In your face Richard Dawkins! Oooh please do James, it's lovely to see you again...
  2. Elvendon

    We used to be like you...

    That's quite helpful actually. Although, it still leaves me with a problem - the ancient practices of our ancestors are almost totally lost. I mean, Celtic reconstructionists find it very difficult to even guess at what the significance of what we do know is. So although doing what our ancestors...
  3. Elvendon

    Christianity Q&A Thread

    An interesting question, with one answer in my mind - Absolutely not! Other species will have other destinies, other roles to play in the Great Mystery that is this reality. God sent Jesus as a Cosmic Christ figure, to redeem all who would need him and to transform reality totally. Describing...
  4. Elvendon

    Let's Open Our Minds To The Truth

    :sarcastic Glad to be with you guys again! Been away far too long :) Thank you for the cookie *takes one and nibbles* Tea? I went and had a look. Satan? Tsunamis not evil? Mighty odd stuff... Ugh tell me about it. If there is one species of man that is more numerous at my university...
  5. Elvendon

    Let's Open Our Minds To The Truth

    You're welcome ^^ Oh really? I'll go look for that, nothing like the smell of Brimstone in the middle of the night :D Hehe ^^ As for the bozos, what is it about us religious people? Do we have a sign outside saying "power-hungry abusers wanted?" jeez. :cover:
  6. Elvendon

    Let's Open Our Minds To The Truth

    *pours luna a nice cup of earl grey* It's great to be back! It looks like I came back just in time to enjoy the show :rolleyes:
  7. Elvendon

    Let's Open Our Minds To The Truth

    Hey luna, want to join us on our hill? We have tea...
  8. Elvendon

    Let's Open Our Minds To The Truth

    Jainism is an obvious joke? I'm sure the Jains will find that comment de-lightful. Anyway, about humour - Jesus was a joker. Camel through the eye of a needle? What an absolutely cracker of a pun! As for your original post - friend, if you are one of the many people who claims to have...
  9. Elvendon

    What's wrong with magic?

    I would say broadly, that there isn't anything wrong with magic per se. The kind of magic that the Bible forbids is quite odd (involving summoning the dead and having familiars, neither of which I gather Neopagans do) and it forbids magic even less than it forbids eating pork :) What is more...
  10. Elvendon

    We used to be like you...

    This is something I've been thinking about for a long time, and as I'm probably heading to America shortly (where, hopefully, I can meet some Native Americans in flesh :D ) I'd like to bring it out here, to see what any Native Americans (and, indeed, anyone else) here think about it. It has...
  11. Elvendon

    Question about Creeds

    From what I've heard and been taught, Creeds were a rather artificial creation by the early church when it was pressured to transform the diverse forms of early Christianity into a regulated state cult. As a result, I am rather sceptical of creeds. Religion is about being in social relations...
  12. Elvendon

    Women's Eucharist

    Well, I'd say that they went after the wrong person in the Trinity. Although I agree with Luna, in that Christ transcends gender, it is much simpler to associate him with the male than to feminize him. As Storm points out, the Holy Spirit is a much better candidate for being spoken about with...
  13. Elvendon

    Universal Salvation?

  14. Elvendon

    Eternal Hell, Scripture or ignorant theory?

    Now that is a different question. One that is not for this thread. This thread has become a Biblical discussion - whether scripture argues for or against Eternal Salvation. Your views as an atheist, unless they have a Biblical backing, are irrelevant for the purposes of this discussion.
  15. Elvendon

    Eternal Hell, Scripture or ignorant theory?

    Why, when their origin is not the important part? Even if the Bible was written to reflect spiritual truths rather than the life of a historical person, why should that have any bearing on the validity of the scripture? Would you discount Candide as a commentary on optimism because it doesn't...
  16. Elvendon

    Eternal Hell, Scripture or ignorant theory?

    No, because you miss the point of aforementioned 2000 year old stories.
  17. Elvendon

    The Reality Of Hell

    That isn't the point, is is now?
  18. Elvendon

    Apparition at Vatican City

    Thank you, that really made me smile God Bless you :) Elvendon
  19. Elvendon

    Eternal Hell, Scripture or ignorant theory?

    /pat I bet your're one of those types who looks at a Picasso and says "It isn't anatomically correct!"
  20. Elvendon

    Christians: The Unpardonable Sin

    From what I know of the Holy Spirit - it is the omnipresent healing love of God - essentially, the highly immanent portion of the divine being. The word (the Son) is present in everything, but it is only fully expressed in the entirety of creation (both physically and temporally) and in the...