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  1. Daemon Sophic

    Human breathing and carbon dioxide

    "Experts are quick to point out that this figure is meaningless, since human respiration is part of a “closed loop cycle” in which our carbon dioxide output is matched by the carbon dioxide taken in by the wheat, corn, celery, and Ugli fruit that we eat. This is true as a practical matter. In...
  2. Daemon Sophic

    Thread for Important Questions

    A necktie is not an ornament for the neck; but rather a way to conceal the buttons down the front of a man’s shirt. Option two is the appropriate choice. However, it is clear that this brontosaurus is missing his formal shirt. So what you have here is a male brontosaurus strip show. :oops...
  3. Daemon Sophic

    Video Games

    I have owned and played hundreds of video games over decades of time. I probably have more than 50 on the iPad that I am entering this post with. But most of these are trivial things to waste time on. On my PC, I probably have half a dozen or so games. Some of my favorite games over the years...
  4. Daemon Sophic

    Greetings from Jaena

    Welcome to the forums @JaenaWinters ! Many offers of food will be made in this thread, but none will compare to the apotheotic and transcendental ecstasy of rum balls (Especially the ones with the little chocolate sprinkles) :p Try some.
  5. Daemon Sophic

    What is junk DNA and how does it prove a supernatural Creator?

    Hello @Moir.Adrian , and welcome to the forums. :) I would suggest that you read up on some latest thoughts regarding non-coding, a.k.a. “junk” DNA. The more it is studied, the more it is found to be necessary in both gene expression, as well as the collapse and folding between replication...
  6. Daemon Sophic

    Is Human a kind of animal?

    Kingdom: Animalia Phyllum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Hominidae Genus: Homo Species: Homo sapiens So we're animals all right. But we are not the only ones who can speak. I would say the mental feature that we seem to have (occasionally)...
  7. Daemon Sophic

    Obey God's Orders

    Yes, I know. But my question is meant to be more of the rhetorical sort, so that he might learn. This sort of polling, asking for a US theocracy, is not uncommon in these forums. It is common for many people of religious orientation to mistakenly think that everyone must know (and follow)...
  8. Daemon Sophic

    Obey God's Orders

    Very often, like in this case, the question is far too ambiguous. Well written questions, and/or clarification is necessary..
  9. Daemon Sophic

    Obey God's Orders

    What are God’s orders? Which person or book or other reference are you using? Or are you suggesting that you have a direct communication with God, and you hear his orders in your mind?
  10. Daemon Sophic

    Should the Democrat Party be "eradicated politically" off of the voter poll?

    Interestingly, I agree with your discussion and responses regarding the Chinese authoritarian government. However, these last two statements, in fact, remind me of the kind of thinking from those on the Right. Individualism and freedom are directly opposed by the fascist plutocracy yearning to...
  11. Daemon Sophic

    Towel Usage When Showering

    One large towel lasts 2 or 3 weeks. We have floor mats in the bathroom, so towels are never used for keeping the feet warm. The towel is hung out and open along a bar, and not touching a wall or other things. And, No, the towel is never dirty to sight, touch, or smell in that period of time...
  12. Daemon Sophic

    Who Else Misreads Titles?

    I read: Who Else Reads Minds? it was: Who Else Misreads Titles?
  13. Daemon Sophic

    EV plant in Democrat controlled Michigan pledges allegiance to Communist China through workers retreat.

    Man, it would be nice if you'd actually read what you're posting, instead of making me do it for you. Plus, when citing a flimsy and woefully biased source like the NYPost, --- who themselves are simply passing along trash from Faux Noose (actually Tucker Carlson no less - it's an old article...
  14. Daemon Sophic

    Metallic spheres found on Pacific floor are interstellar in origin, Harvard professor finds

    There is something to be said for bioships (ships with their own farming and self-sustaining populations, etc...). When we launch something to go to a nearby star system, in hopes of finding a world suitable for colony building and eventual global settlement, has a couple of issues yet to be...
  15. Daemon Sophic

    How do you define SCIENCE?

    Of course, the part that you’re missing is the statistical significance. (The bane of many young scientists, who have to crunch numbers at the end of doing experiments). Your graph, with 26 data points showing such a wide range of variation, cannot be formed into that curve with any degree of...
  16. Daemon Sophic

    How do you define SCIENCE?

    My point exactly. As I said, a misinformed person might think that they have collected “evidence”, and therefore performed science well, and proven the existence of God. All since their definition of ‘evidence‘ is wrong.
  17. Daemon Sophic

    How do you define SCIENCE?

    I would note that everyone should be careful about other definitions of words in the definition of science. :confused: For example, the word “evidence”. A misinformed person might hypothesize that. — “If there is a God, who responds to prayers, and interacts one on one with human beings, —>...
  18. Daemon Sophic

    Metallic spheres found on Pacific floor are interstellar in origin, Harvard professor finds

    Meh. It's also a matter of how much time you have. If you're a big rock, you likely don't care that it takes you several million years to travel from one star system to another. Remember Oumuamua? If some VW-bug-sized fragment of that big guy broke off and hit Earth's atmosphere...
  19. Daemon Sophic

    Metallic spheres found on Pacific floor are interstellar in origin, Harvard professor finds

    As for the metal marbles..... Yeah? So? Rain droplets are not in the classic tear-drop shape as they fall from the sky; they are spherical. So a meteorite melts as it enters our atmosphere, and the falling droplets of molten metal likely take on a spherical shape as they plummet to Earth...