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    Once a christian, always a christian

    Only you and the Lord ultimately know what you're doing now and whether or not it is evil. "Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart," I can't see that. All in my opinion at least.
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    Christmas music survey

    Christmas music to me are Church hymns and such, stuff from the Mass, etc. I love it. A selection:
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    Once a christian, always a christian

    Well for one it'll cut off the evil done. There are many good things about it that I foresee.
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    Why do believers love God?

    In my view, He has sworn not to try any beyond what they are able, so He has never done that. It is simply that people fail to make use of their ability when they fail in a trial. Sometimes that ability is nothing more than to beg God for mercy in my view.
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    Why do believers love God?

    Being able to endure and not enduring are two different things, people do not always do what they are able to do, for instance I am able to go and murder someone on the street right now but I am not doing and will not do that.
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    How many can say...

    All of them. If I had political position, quality, lifestyle, belief, etc, which helped define me I wouldn't take it very loving for someone to say "I don't care." When I love someone I care about all of that and more, so I am unable to say "I don't care" concerning these things.
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    Once a christian, always a christian

    I'm sure He does. And since both you and I will die and are currently dying the Good Lord will have His way. As the Righteous Hannah of old said, "the Lord killeth and maketh alive." Blessed be He.
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    Once a christian, always a christian

    Jehovah the Hutt? Wild guy.
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    Arriving at a Theistic Belief

    What is a "literal deity"? Also I believe for a multitude of reasons (personal experience, argument, witnessing certain works, etc), people have beliefs I think because they think there is evidence for them and they will withstand the tides of life, and what qualifies concerning God can be...
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    The last post is the WINNER!

    I should go to the store to buy Oreos.
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    Joshua - The Christ View of Jesus.

    Indeed, and the vision of Christ is why Moses changed the name of Joshua to Joshua from Hoshea in my view and consecrated Aaron as he did.
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    Those who control our beliefs control our lives

    A million and one persons. In no particular order: myself, all media I have ever even glimpsed, my mother, my family, random people of all sorts close to me, any news I see and read, all blogs I read, God, my Church, anyone I talk to about anything ever, my guardian angel, the demons, dead...
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    Germany locks down unvaccinated people, as leaders plan to make shots compulsory

    Yes. Uncle Teddy was one of 'em. Daddy John is accused of being one of them but he did nothing wrong (in my view). Not receiving a vaccine is a far cry from all that to me.
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    Why do believers love God?

    I have not the slightest idea due to deficiency in my knowledge. St. Thomas says that there is inequality in goods for the "perfection of the Universe," and that because God made some things corruptible like mankind (?) (for He made other things incorruptible/unable to fail in goodness) it...
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    Germany locks down unvaccinated people, as leaders plan to make shots compulsory

    Can they at least get a cool name for their troubles? Terrorist groups usually have cool names, and if they are as bad as them I think they should be dignified by a cool name as the world burns (according to you).
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    Why do believers love God?

    Evil is the deprivation of a due good to me, and in that sense it "exists" (my definition changed since I last spoke to you about it). Like an eye lacking the ability to see, the eye exists, it can not see, it should be able to, and that is evil. As for Heaven (taking this as the final...
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    Why do believers love God?

    Yes if it I think it would help them to know why said cells exist.
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    Germany locks down unvaccinated people, as leaders plan to make shots compulsory

    The difference is one is a pandemic and one is a terrorist attack. If that wasn't obvious enough.
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    I feel silly about believing lucid dreaming is of the occult.

    Not sure why it would be occult, just seems like one of the natural things humans are able to do. With proper training to my knowledge anyone can do it.