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Search results for query: "Genesis 16:6"

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  1. dybmh

    Dealing with embarrassing passages in the Bible

    But it does say she was able to leave? She fled, on her own volition. Genesis 16:6-8 How is she considered a slave if she was free to leave? Can we agree on this one point?
  2. sooda

    Nine Pieces Of Evidence That Confirm The Historical Accuracy Of The Bible

    Does this look accurate to you?
  3. OtherSheep

    Nine Pieces Of Evidence That Confirm The Historical Accuracy Of The Bible

    Here's 6 more: "1. Names like Abraham and Jacob were in common use among the Amorites in northern Mesopotamia about 2000 B.C. and later. 2. Mari was the center of a vast network of trade routes ranging from Crete to Elam, from Cappadocia to Megiddo. Merchants constantly traveled these routes...
  4. Jayhawker Soule

    The rape of Dinah?

    First, from The Torah: A women's Commentary: Second, you speak of take vengeance on Shechem for "treating their sister like a whore," rather than taking out their rage on Dinah ...but treating someone like a whore is hardly the same as raping her. Furthermore, much has been made of Shechem's...