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Search results

  1. Feathers in Hair

    *whistles quietly and tries to shuffle into the group*

    So do I, Mister T! *tackling hugs to all*
  2. Feathers in Hair

    *whistles quietly and tries to shuffle into the group*

    Hi, all! *embarrased hugs* :hug: I've been away forever, and though that's largely due to not having internet access close by, it's also been because I'm ashamed that I've been gone so long. I happened to be visiting the public library today, and realized that the longer I was gone, the more...
  3. Feathers in Hair

    Happy Birthday, Dear Michel!!!!

    Just popping in to join in the crowd! :hug:
  4. Feathers in Hair

    Just saying a quick howdy!

    Howdy! *darts away* *darts back* Just kidding! Whew... It's hard to believe I've been away for around two months! Hopefully, my mom was able to convey the message I asked her to- that my depression symptoms were starting to get the better of me, so I decided to check myself into a local...
  5. Feathers in Hair

    'Bible-Only' Christians?

    MOD POST This debate is not for converting others. (Neither is this entire forum, actually.) Please cease this at once or warnings may result. /End mod post.
  6. Feathers in Hair

    Forum Raid

    That does sound like an instance where one could see it being 'justified'. How incredibly sad that someone would belittle others in such a way.
  7. Feathers in Hair

    Things to do before you die....

    Mine are pretty much- 1. Ride a scooter. 2. Get some writing published.
  8. Feathers in Hair

    I hate introductions....

    Namaste, if it pleases you, and welcome! I look forward to reading your posts! Do you have any favorite books? Hobbies?
  9. Feathers in Hair

    Forum Raid

    I think the closest thing that we have to a rule about this is I'm not sure how one could 'forum raid' others without bashing them. (Even if it's not talked about on these forums.) I wouldn't want other forums to think badly of us.
  10. Feathers in Hair

    Word Association...anyone?

    Total. (Never seen the movie.)
  11. Feathers in Hair

    Glasgowchick's Birthday!

    Hope your birthday cake is every bit as sweet as you are! :hug:
  12. Feathers in Hair

    Happy birthday to MidnightBlue!

    Hope it's a wonderful one! :hug:
  13. Feathers in Hair

    Howdy from North Carolina

    Namaste and welcome! Do you have a favorite type of cross-stitching to do? (I used to adore doing that!)
  14. Feathers in Hair

    'Bible-Only' Christians?

    Whoops, found another link. This might be closer.
  15. Feathers in Hair

    'Bible-Only' Christians?

    As far as I know, it's a Christian that percieves themselves as taking a sola scriptura view.
  16. Feathers in Hair

    Introducing: A Philosopher Knight

    Namaste and welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for with us! :hug:
  17. Feathers in Hair

    Would you please help me: an experiment for theists and atheists alike

    Perhaps I'm confused, but I can't find the difficulty in imagining my gods and goddesses in different forms. Is there something I'm missing?
  18. Feathers in Hair

    Looking for a... Mentor of Sorts

    I was re-reading my reply, and I realized I may have come off as sounding like I didn't care. I'm sorry if that was the case! I admire your search. :hug:
  19. Feathers in Hair

    What are you drinking right now?

    Doctor Pepper. I keep breaking my addiction only to seek it out again. (Love the new sig!)
  20. Feathers in Hair

    Looking for a... Mentor of Sorts

    For every question you ask, there are a dozen or so members who read and learn something for it! I don't think that's annoying at all!