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    Chiefs or Eagles?

    Who do you want to win the Superbowl? Some might know that I live in Kansas City so naturally I want the Chiefs to win. Odds have Eagles as winning by a few points. The Chiefs have many injured players so we will see how they are come Sunday. Mahomes just moved into a new house he had...
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    Will Kevin McCarthy become House majority leader?

    With the new congress being seated on Tuesday, Jan 3, the republicans will have a slim majority in the House. They will elect a majority leader to replace Nancy Pelosi. He has a slim margin to get votes, and all he needs is a simple majority. At this point it appears he lacks the votes...
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    The AP is reporting that Russian missles have hit Poland, 2 dead

    Reporting is that an American official said "something did happen", but missles from Russia have landed in Poland killing two people. There has been no confirmation that is was deliberate or accidental. Could this be a game changer? This could be a great excuse for putin to withdraw, blaming...
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    Are gods known to exist?

    On another thread we are discussing disbelief in any gods. Theists make the usual claims via the ideas they have adopted and believe true for themselves. I have made the point of fact that no gods are known to exist. What I mean by knowledge is that we humans can sense and/or detect certain...
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    How can Republicans help lower inflation?

    As the midterms approach there is new polling that suggests voters are swinging back towards Republican candidates/party over the Democrats. The biggest issue for voters is inflation. I can see there is little a govenment can do to stop the market, social, global issues that can cause...
  6. F

    DACA expected to be ruled illegal

    The 5th circuit federal court, a very conservative court, is expected to rule DACA is an illegal program. If that is the ruling the over 600,000 DACA Dreamers could face deportation. If not immediately deported they could see their ability to work be eliminated. DACA applicants are children...
  7. F

    Trump family faces lawsuits seeking $250 million in penalties

    Former president Donald Trump and his three oldest children are facing lawsuits for insurance fraud, tax fraud, criminal financial violations over a ten year eriod from 2011 to 2021. These allegations are tied to fraud in valuating property for the sake of fraudulent loans and other financial...
  8. F

    Will Republicans take climate change seriously if they win in 2024?lternative to gas vehicles

    Given the rise in extreme weather in the USA and around the world will the Republicans acknowledge that climate change is real and causing serious problems and effects? If so, will they have the will to set policies that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to further protect the planet...
  9. F

    What is an authentic Christian?

    On another debate a member who is a Christian dismissed some Christians, namely those Baptists of the Confederate South and Lutherans and Catholics of Nazi Germany, as "Christians in name only". That's interesting. This implies and suggests that there are fake Christians, and thus by...
  10. F

    Economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

    I have seen or read numerous reports about how Afghanistan is facing serious economic collapse and especially a crisis in healthcare. The nation has been ruled by the Taliban for about a year now and the state of affairs has declined and on the verge of collapse. This report by SKY News shows...
  11. F

    Kansas votes to allow abortion access

    As a Kansas resident there was a lot of talk and advertising about the vote on August 2. It was a primary vote, so usually very low turnout. Republicans in the statehouse decided to put a decision on the ballot for a change to the KS constitution to restrict abortion access. It was...
  12. F

    A proposal to solve the problems of state gerrymandering for federal office

    As we all know gerrymandering is a huge problem in states that have a majority of one of the two political parties. They use their authority to create unfair maps so their party can get an unfair advantage of the House, and also cheats the population of these states from fair and equal...
  13. F

    Over a dozen companies announce they will cover abortion series travel costs

    On the day that the Supreme Court issued its decisions to overturn Roe V Wade over a dozen companies announced that they would cover the travel costs for abortion services for women in ban states. This is obviously an effort to work around the bans in about half the states so women can get...
  14. F

    Supreme Court strikes down New York law for license to carry guns

    The Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN a New York gun-control law that required people to show "proper cause" to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home. The vote is 6-3. The New York mayor has had a press conference saying this is a serious blow to gun safety in New York, and she...
  15. F

    GOP commission refuses to certify New Mexico primary vote

    "New Mexico’s secretary of state on Tuesday asked the state Supreme Court to order the Republican-led commission of rural Otero County to certify primary election results after it refused to do so over distrust of Dominion vote-tallying machines." GOP commission refuses to certify New Mexico...
  16. F

    31 members of a white supremacist group arrested for planned riot

    In Idaho 31 members of Patriot Front were arrested for conspiracy to riot against a gay pride event. This illustrates the growing domestic terrorism and these groups that threaten the life and liberty of citizens. This is the third group of militia members arrested in recent weeks for crimes...
  17. F

    Another institution being protected due to what conservative extremists are imposing on America.

    Another institution being protected due to what conservative extremists are imposing on America. First was all the fencing around the Capitol because Trump and others believed there was election fraud in 2020. Of course this failed, and right wing extremists broke down barriers, assaulted...
  18. F

    Politico publishes a draft of the Supreme Court reversing Roe and Casey

    Someone leaked a draft of the decision due out this summer by Alito writing an opinion to overturn Roe and Casey. If true, and is not edited or chained significantly it means abortion will be illegal immediately in half the nation. Expectations were that justices would not go so far as to...
  19. F

    Jamaican Bobsled team qualifies for 2022 Olympics

    Well here is a reason to watch bobsled in the games coming in a few weeks. Who else will be rooting for these guys? Jamaica’s bobsled team qualifies for Beijing Winter Olympics - Sports Illustrated
  20. F

    The next Civil War

    An expert in studying civil wars around the planet predicts the USA is on the brink of a civil war. She said this tends to happen in nations where there is a strong political element that is becoming more and more extreme, and the members are finding themselves threatened to become a minority...