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Search results

  1. Thief

    What do you think of this?

    note my signature and it's always been .....this
  2. Thief

    Unlicensed Handguns

    It will place us at.....par with anyone already carrying
  3. Thief

    Are school dress codes outdated?

    I went to catholic all boy high school dress pants and shirt no tennis shoes wear a belt AND and tie we went about like business men in training no facial hair hair cut not allowed on ears, eyebrows or collar they finally dropped the hair restriction.....just as I was leaving students were...
  4. Thief

    My own boss.

    your speel chick is woerking mine doesn't..... 'hic'
  5. Thief

    Ugh... Advice and thoughts, please...

    offer to buy her lunch and if you can.....don't invite anyone else
  6. Thief

    What if you had the power to...

    there is an old black and white tv series.....Twilight Zone with an episode of what one man would do.....if he could of course THAT scenario ended badly
  7. Thief

    How is it possible

    the Carpenter made a short speech....something about of the world but the world knew Him not and somewhere it is written.... do not conform to this world BE transformed BY it
  8. Thief

    Everyone Is Awesome: Lego to launch first LGBTQ+ set

    SO....they ripped my idea before I could find a start up well.....as Thief I can respect that
  9. Thief

    My feelings about death

    you have pronounced.....hope hang in there
  10. Thief

    Is This a Good Topic for a Thread?

    that's a very large discussion could you narrow the scope.....just a bit
  11. Thief

    Everyone Is Awesome: Lego to launch first LGBTQ+ set

    TOOLMAKER!!!!......damn it %^&((%#@#^^*&_*()(_&^*%%^* haggis eater
  12. Thief

    My feelings about death

    it's been awhile since the op and I did not read the entire thread but can you summarize any changes..... are you different now?
  13. Thief

    Everyone Is Awesome: Lego to launch first LGBTQ+ set

    and then.....the grandparents
  14. Thief

    Everyone Is Awesome: Lego to launch first LGBTQ+ set

    mine was an ERECTOR set rocket launcher kit small nuts and bolts.....plated steel so I built the model ready to launch and my sainted grandmother came wandering by what does a little boy with a rocket launcher do? he shoots the MOON!!!!! I got in trouble launcher held for review
  15. Thief

    Everyone Is Awesome: Lego to launch first LGBTQ+ set

    they need to step up a complete collection of deities the devil included
  16. Thief

    Question about God and Jesus

    not only that.......God and heaven stood back when called upon.....WHERE ARE YOU? WHY? ....have You forsaken Me? and if God and heaven would stand back ......say nothing do nothing then WHAT?.....is your expectation in YOUR last hour?
  17. Thief

    Why do people leave any religion?

    When I left.....no one noticed had my bid for position at the local seminary carried through........omg it's a good thing soooo many other people showed up for the two available openings my stance behind the pulpit would have been noticed
  18. Thief

    Do not let others pick on you

    I grew up in a bad neighborhood I have made a practice of turning the other cheek which has proven dangerous when someone bruises your cheek offer him the other one this is NOT a passive gesture you are standing ground and you could end up .....stomped
  19. Thief

    Create a Religious Book

    BTW....this Forum has issued statement concerning copyright
  20. Thief

    Create a Religious Book

    coincidentally......someone called my post work.......crap and with retort I replied my crap is my own quote me