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  1. Witches_Element

    May I Ask, What Religion Are You?

    I am a Christian/Wiccan/Shaman witch. Religious diversity is a beautiful thing as people can compare and learn from differing beliefs about the Divine and people who refrain from Religion all together. Blessed Be Walter and Debbie.
  2. Witches_Element

    Pagans: how do you worship?

    Hello Xavier, there was a time a while back in my life that I would go to a Christian church in the morning and a Wicca Sabbath or Esbat the same evening. One thing I noticed about Christian Worship is that they seem to believe that God is so beyond humanity He shouldn't be treated like a...
  3. Witches_Element

    Ex-Christians: How do current Christians treat you?

    Oh so sorry you had some problems with some of your Christian friends, but it's nice to find out who your real friends are! I'm glad your best friend still supports you. For me it's been really hard because of my status. I still consider myself a Christian even though I'm also a witch and...
  4. Witches_Element

    Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord, Syncretism and relationship

    Hi DharmaCatLamp and thanks for your question. I have a marvelous relationship with Jesus even though I'm a witch. I don't think there should be any shame or guilt in a deity you follow or call upon, I think the important thing to remember is to feel happy and safe with the Deity you work...
  5. Witches_Element

    Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your kind words and feel free to say hi and drop by anytime!

    Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your kind words and feel free to say hi and drop by anytime!
  6. Witches_Element

    Ask A Witch

    Hi Hammer nice to hear from you, wow that is a tough question to answer, lol! I'm very Wicca friendly so I seen many good things from all the paths you mentioned. As a witch I try to separate my Witchcraft from my religion because I view Witchcraft more as an extension of myself rather than a...
  7. Witches_Element

    Ask A Witch

    Hello Sundance that is a very good question to ask! From what I understand of Wiccan religion, it is Feminine in Nature. Most people see the Sun as a Masculine Deity while the Moon is Feminine in Nature. Generally Wicca does honor Masculine and Feminine deities equally, but most connect to...
  8. Witches_Element

    Ask A Witch

    I'm doing very well, thanks for asking! Many blessings to you and your family and always know, you are family to me too!
  9. Witches_Element

    Ask A Witch

    Hi Debate Slayer thanks for you question, this is my favorite topic to discuss! In my personal beliefs I agree with the traditional terms of Magic and Magick. For those of you that may not be familiar of the term, Magick was spelled this way to differentiate it from magicians magic that...
  10. Witches_Element

    Will Christianity Die?

    Merry Meet Kenny and thanks for your question. I think "organized" Christian Faith will fail and become extinct because it is an exclusive Faith and not an inclusive one. If any organized Faith wants to survive they have to welcome people into their congregation and not find reasons to exclude...
  11. Witches_Element

    To Syncretics: how did you come to blend multiple belief systems?

    Merry Meet Sabah, I hope you're doing well. I am a Christian, Wiccan, Shaman Witch that found peace within my Syncretism. I am Wiccan from my Irish Celtic roots, Christian from my Spaniard heritage, and Shamanistic from my Native American ancestors. I am a full solitary practitioner of...
  12. Witches_Element

    What do you think of Purgatory?

    Merry Meet Estro, I'm a witch among other things and feel I have a pretty good grip on purgatory. I don't think it would be appropriate to talk about the biblical implications on purgatory but would love to share some experiences with you if I may? From my observations purgatory is the...
  13. Witches_Element

    Do you believe in heaven?

    Well I briefly died twice so I believe I was there and it was absolutely wonderful!!! Have you ever had complete strangers come up to you with such beautiful and unconditional love it overwhelmed you with tears of Joy? That's what happened to me when I died, I was approached by the most...
  14. Witches_Element

    What do you think about other religions?

    As a Christian/Wiccan/Shaman Witch I absolutely love religion in general and the best thing I found out from different religious Faith's is that religious differences aside, we really aren't that different from each other. Religion to me is meant to bring us closer together and not tear us...
  15. Witches_Element

    Witches: where to begin?

    I wrote a wonderful audiobook of three teen witches that are an example of what pure innocent Wicca Witches would be like. I hope you get a chance to see the audio book movie because it has actual spells in it to show the sacred creation you are. True magic does not make people bow down to you...
  16. Witches_Element


    Thanks for your concerns. In regards to the evidence of God I can provide eye witness testimony of what happened to me when I died as proof of His existence. In my testimony I'm going to cross examine myself in a hostile way to provide proof my death experience was not the result of wishful...
  17. Witches_Element

    Christians: is there a hell?

    Well when I died, I didn't see any evidence of hell so I am sorry I can't answer your question clearly. I did see 2 places in my journey though, I briefly saw purgatory where Earth bound spirits reside and can have contact with the living, and then I passed to an area of no return I believe was...
  18. Witches_Element

    Does your religion tell you to fear witchcraft?Yes or no?

    As a solitary Christian Wiccan Shaman Witch I can happily say that my religion does not fear witchcraft. I think the key word is "my religion". I don't know what the response would be if you asked organized religion view on witchcraft? Hope this answer helps!
  19. Witches_Element

    Can the dead be contacted according to your tradition?

    Yes it is a central part of my tradition and is considered a natural beautiful process to be in touch with the dearly departed!