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  1. K

    Were pre-Fall Adam and Eve "immortal"?

    I think the tree was simply a way for Adam and Eve to express their free will. How do you prove a machine has free thought? Maybe put it in a perfect environment and tell it not to do something. If the machine is not free thinking it will follow it's parameters. However if it does have free will...
  2. K

    What are you grateful for?

    I'm grateful for the birds and their songs, the blue sky and white clouds which constantly bring life to an otherwise dry earth, the trees and the plants that live in harmony with all the animals to exchange O and CO2. More personally I'm grateful for clean water on tap, cooked food everyday...
  3. K

    Trapped People

    As I said, nothing bad :) we all choose for ourselves Edit: as for intelligence eliminating the need for rules... There's a saying i quite like which goes something like this: A person is smart but people are stupid. That's part of the reason why society needs to be built on rules.
  4. K

    Trapped People

    The rules i follow are restrictive... Of course they are. Rules place restrictions on what we can and can't do. However, i willingly obey these rules because i know the outcome will be better for me if i do. Sometimes i want to break the rules, because in the society I live in moral rules aren't...
  5. K

    Accusations made in "Kingdom of the Cults" re: JW's - pt.2

    At the moment :) Can't find that on our website but i have heard of it. I think it's an older book we don't print anymore if I'm not mistaken.
  6. K

    The name Michael

    It's true that roman rule prevented outright lawlessness, which protected Christians. But providing spiritual direction? I don't think Rome did that. Besides, Rome is just a place.
  7. K

    Accusations made in "Kingdom of the Cults" re: JW's - pt.2

    @savagewind I can't find any relevant literature atm :confused:
  8. K

    The name Michael

    We are united worldwide in our core beliefs, the additional things can be tricky and cause many arguments and disagreements. Especially things that are not of real importance. The governing body are indeed the "faithful and discreet slave" since they are those taking care of the "household"...
  9. K

    Accusations made in "Kingdom of the Cults" re: JW's - pt.2

    I've never heard the distinction being discussed by Jws so I'm guessing it's not a matter of importance. However I would say in my opinion that it was Jesus original body.
  10. K

    The name Michael

    The idea that Michael the archangel is another name for Jesus is not very well supported. In addition it is not a core Jw teaching. You won't be labelled a "demon" or "apostate" If you disagree with this conclusion. ;)
  11. K

    Saving the 'World' how often do you think about it? (poll: names not disclosed)

    The "world" as In the earth itself doesn't need saving. The world will always adapt, even if us humans bring about an early ice age. Also Isiah 48:18 "For this is what Jehovah says, The Creator of the heavens, the true God, The One who formed the earth, its Maker who firmly established it...
  12. K

    What is Christianity support?

    I was about to chime in but @rusra02 explained my view :)
  13. K

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum missy :)
  14. K

    Argument for God(s) Second Edition - please critique

    I agree with your outcome that a God of some sort must exist. You explained yourself very well, so thank you. I find your reasoning to be sound, and if the IU is Indeed separate from the EU then a sound case is made for the existence of God as you described. However I myself don't see any...
  15. K

    Is the universe orderly?

    Fair enough :)
  16. K

    Is the universe orderly?

    Thanks for clarifying :) what physical reason could there be? Keep in mind I don't really believe we will ever be able to actually do this. I just think its theoretically possible.
  17. K

    Multiverse theory and god(s).

    Matter is not "virtual" it is real. Even if matter exists because of a support process that exists on a smaller scale, that does not mean it doesn't exist in itself. Wouldn't you agree?
  18. K

    Is the universe orderly?

    No, I think I need some clarification :)
  19. K

    Is the universe orderly?

    Do you not understand my point, then?
  20. K

    Is the universe orderly?

    We would be able to predict every decision you will ever make, unless your consciousness/free will is the product of some undetectable process :)