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  1. Voxton

    Lord of the Rings

    You guys are a hoot. I referred to Snorre Sturlason's edda. This is where Tolkien got the name from. Gandalf was simply a name listed amongst the dwarfs. Tolkien drew on Norse material for a lot of his work. When I first read LOTR, I recognized the name Gandalf, from the Edda, and...
  2. Voxton

    Religion and the Soldier

    Well, in the documentary "The Crusades," Terry Jones makes an excellent point: the knights served Jesus; the prince of peace; turn the other cheek, love your enemies, and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself... But then they were sent off commit murder and mayhem in Jesus' name...
  3. Voxton

    Name that budgie!

    TWEETIE! I love the coloring on her. Used to have a budgie as a child, me.
  4. Voxton

    Lord of the Rings

    I read the eddas before LOTR, so I (mistakenly) thought Tolkien a bit of a hack -- Gandalf was a freakin' dwarf, after all. Heheheh. Read the books, people... Mind ya, I love Peter Jackson. Meet the Feebles, anyone?
  5. Voxton

    I am ridding my house of my husband's porn!

    Maya, if your husband decided that something that you owned, was bad or wrong in some way -- and proceeded to throw it away, how would you feel? Maybe he decided that you have become too attached to your clothes, or your shoes. Or that you have a hobby, that has come between you. If he simply...
  6. Voxton

    Why is being gay considered wrong?

    Homophobia has to be socially conditioned -- just like anti-Semitism, racism or any form of xenophobia. Homosexuality is entirely and completely natural and normal -- homophobia isn't. I've seen gay Christians argue that the bible verses could be interpreted as, when it says that a man...
  7. Voxton

    Cardinal fears criminal charges for preaching anti-gay messages in Canada

    My initial, knee-jerk reaction to seeing this message was curiosity -- like, dang, what did he say? Where do I click to see what he said? Then I realized the ignore list is a mighty sensible thing.
  8. Voxton

    Guns are good?

    There was a terrible tragedy in Japan a few years ago, when some deranged man stabbed several children to death. I remember this jerk making some flippant remarks about outlawing knives, and 'knives don't kill people, people do' etc... He was universally booed. But I seriously did hear that...
  9. Voxton

    Cardinal fears criminal charges for preaching anti-gay messages in Canada

    Whenever you have a thought like this, run it by yourself one more time -- only substitute 'Gay' for something else, like 'Jew' or 'black.' Get it? Yeah, okay. So did Torquemada. It used to be socially acceptable to consider Jews and blacks uh, -- a 'problem.' This is no longer the case...
  10. Voxton

    the power of prayer

    Or to use slightly a different (and incidentally, rational) language: the naive are more prone to be affected by placebos. Everyone's got stories about cancers magically disappearing, and otherwise amazing miracles being worked through the power of prayer -- but guess what, folks? There are...
  11. Voxton

    Why Britain doesn't go to church

    There are too many differences to count, I'm sure. And I'm sure there are just as many ignorant, uneducated lager louts, hooligans and backward yokels in Britain, as there are ijut rednecks and hillbillies in the US -- but a notable difference is that intellectualism is more respected in...
  12. Voxton

    Very Cool Weapons

    I guess I could provide an equally valuable response by saying I don't personally give a hoot about what Jesus, Joe Smith or Muhammad thinks -- but of course, that's not true. I do care. And I can't imagine how any enlightened person would not care, seeing as they have had such an impact on the...
  13. Voxton

    Very Cool Weapons

    Well, I'm going to try this again, since I feel I didn't do as good a job of it initially, as I should have. It isn't exactly that I've been explicitly forbidden from critiquing the actions of the moderators, under threat of penalty of getting banned, but maybe I wasn't being all that...
  14. Voxton

    Very Cool Weapons

    Nah, it's okay -- I think my post should stay. I already did the PM thing, and it had no effect... I may be new to this board, but from what I've seen, Pah's been doing this kinda stuff before, to other members. And that's not cool. Just cause I'm new to the board, doesn't mean I've got to...
  15. Voxton

    Very Cool Weapons

    Well golly gosh gee -- it's not as if I'd dare voice an opinion against you Mr. Administrator Sir, even if you might just possibly be incorrect on this matter -- so please, don't consider this an opposing view on my part, as much as just some factual stuff that I found. Oh yeah, I figured it...
  16. Voxton

    How can the New Testament be even remotely correct?

    Was Adam and Eve created at the same time, or Adam first, and Eve from his breastbone?
  17. Voxton

    Very Cool Weapons

    Wasn't it Freud who claimed that a fear of firearms was a sign of retarded sexual and social development?
  18. Voxton

    To survive - lose religious faith

    Good fracking grief -- "Today Dubya uses patriotism instead..." And what do you think Dubya has been using, to get elected -- something OTHER than religion? Dude. C'mon... If the purpose of your response was to demonstrate my lack of knowledge in the historical events I quoted, hey --...
  19. Voxton

    I Wish

    A short, yellow bus is approaching, swerving in and out of traffic, horns blearing and headlights flashing. A man with pronounced sideburns is behind the wheel, shouting at people and waving his arms. As it comes to a screeching halt in front of you, you can hear the song 'The Minstrel Boy'...
  20. Voxton

    Scientology minder prompts Katie Holmes through first big interview

    Are Scientologists immune to chlamydia?