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  1. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    In the context of free will, free implies and is defined or characterized by a human having autonomy of sets of choices, behaviors, beliefs etc… all towards the freedom, ability and agency to achieve a state or place… Not Freedom to break physics or do impossible things of course if one adopts...
  2. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    it’s only my opinion below… I think even atheists learn tons when wrestling with concepts that’s include God, certain morality, infinite etc There’s plenty to learn and grow from as a person crossing the fence intellectually etc obviously your choice, mean no offense.
  3. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    I believe your question is why bother experiencing anything under such circumstances? Correct me if I’m wrong. I approach that question by exploring [ I ] as a whole individual, perhaps some sort of divine type creation, have things to learn. It might be the things we have to learn require...
  4. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    Thank you When I say Quantum seems to inadvertently support… I’m openly stretching here, but it comes from opinions like: Does Quantum Mechanics Rule Out Free Will? I am not qualified to make a statement of certainty. With that said, it still baffles me, both sides of the coin can’t seem to...
  5. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    You say we have a degree of choice. What does it really matter? Even our choices, if predestined, we’d never know. For all intents and purposes it’s as if free will is alive and well as you describe it. To me the deeper discussion is when we discuss what are the real ramifications if...
  6. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    It’s occurred to me the endless back and forth volleys on these topics conclude with two main positions. 1. Free will exists otherwise what are we robots? What’s the point? And if a God exists why would he want robots? Either way we have free will to an extent 2. predestination exists which...
  7. MixedMartialArts

    Do We Need Faith?

    Faith in an ancient text can certainly be delusion. I’ve no illusions about that. All I’m saying is, there are depths of knowledge in some ancient texts that still shape millions of repackaged self help, psychological books worth millions today. there’s something about the knowledge in those...
  8. MixedMartialArts

    Do We Need Faith?

    Yea of course, and as humans we’ve gotten decent at making these judgements about everyday items. Whichever way you slice it, it’s a gamble and humans do it all the time. it turns out faith in religion also has many recurring good things which trains us to trust it, just as each time we show...
  9. MixedMartialArts

    For Chrisitans Only: Matthew 5:38-39

    It simply means don’t be so fast at retaliation. It doesn’t mean don’t defend yourself, as evidence in another verse that says “by all means “try” to live peaceably among men” It probably just means a temperate patient, godly person can control their temper and actions. And that is no easy...
  10. MixedMartialArts

    Do We Need Faith?

    The reality is this. Faith is literally part of our makeup. When we wake up we don’t know that our front door is closed. We have many reason to think it will be, namely we shut it last night, our dog never barked etc… When we drop little sally off at school, we have a reasonably strong belief...
  11. MixedMartialArts


    There is something I call the Perfection Paradox that says anything and everything from past to present to future ‘if’ created by a Creator must need be ‘less than’ perfect. We can have what we call a perfect Apple, but we don’t truly believe it’s perfect. Same with days, flowers and encounters...
  12. MixedMartialArts


    Hello, I am new here. Watched for many years and posted maybe once I believe. I’ve been working on a concept for a few years and am close to publishing. I thought maybe it was a good time to explore the concepts in this community to get alternatives thoughts, ideas, challenges and hopefully at...
  13. MixedMartialArts

    Pope Francis: "There Is No Hell"

    So, first, the end of the article it says Pope did not make that statement and that the author is known for making stuff up. (I’m not Catholic myself) Secondly, the word hell originally in Hebrew ‘sheol’ means grave, dirt, resting place for the dead. A loving God would not have an eternal...