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  1. Serpent Child

    Could the Jewish, Gypsy and other genocides in second world war have been prevented ?

    Lmao y’all still believe they died that way? K.
  2. Serpent Child

    I want to b elieve

    Maybe study and explore each religion before you make a decision? Christianity is not the only religion...
  3. Serpent Child

    Is witchcraft a faith that deserves respect?

    I practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is not a religious faith, it’s a practice. Hence ‘craft’. There are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Satanist, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, etc. Witches. Every persons craft is unique and very personal. Some people see their own personal craft as their...
  4. Serpent Child

    The Jews are unbelievers according to Quran

    So Muhammed was descended from an ethnic Jew and was born in a Jewish Arab tribe but he was somehow not an ethnic Jew. Okay.
  5. Serpent Child

    The Jews are unbelievers according to Quran

    The Quraysh tribe origins... "The Quraysh's progenitor was Fihr ibn Malik, whose full genealogy, according to traditional Arab sources, was the following: Fihr ibn Mālik ibn al-Naḍr ibn Kināna ibn Khuzayma ibn Mudrika ibn Ilyās ibn Muḍar ibn Nizār ibn Maʿadd ibn ʿAdnān.[1] Thus, Fihr belonged to...
  6. Serpent Child

    The Jews are unbelievers according to Quran

    Muhammad was a racial/ethnic Jew. Are you talking about ethnic Jews or religious Jews?
  7. Serpent Child

    Was Hitler a Christian?

    Its academically and historically proven that Adolf Hitler was not Christian and was in fact anti-Christian. Academic documents literally prove that Hitler and his top leadership had long-term plans to get rid of Christianity in Germany and replace it with Germanic Paganism. The documents: S R &...
  8. Serpent Child

    Was Hitler a Christian?

    First of all, the Roman Catholic Church denounced Hitler/Nazism and even created whats considered to be the first official document to severely criticize and insult Nazism. Please refer to this source for more information and proof. There's also the Kirchenkampf which is when Hitler shut down...
  9. Serpent Child

    Happy Halloween and Satanic

    I agree. This is an explanation from the Satanist Pagan organization I'm apart of on how Halloween is originally a Satanic holiday <3 Samhain
  10. Serpent Child

    The Devil, Satan, and Lucifer. One in the same or Not?

    "Beelzebub is best known as the God of the Philistines, He ruled over the city of Ekron. He is second in command to Satan. The Ancient Philistines worshiped Him under the name "Baalzebub.". Beelzebub is "Lord over all that Flies". Wherever he was worshipped, he was known as God of the weather...
  11. Serpent Child

    Is God to you more of a .....

    To me, Father Satan is a Father, Friend, Authority and Teacher <3
  12. Serpent Child

    Demon Portraits

    The purpose of this thread is for all Satanists to come together and share any portraits of Satan and Demons! We often see religious artwork and portrayals of religious figures in major religions but I haven't seen much of this in Satanism. I do NOT mean the Demon portraits from the Ars Goetia...
  13. Serpent Child

    Connecting to Satanism

    It'd help to know what type of Satanist you are or whatever you're leaning towards (theistic, devil worship, atheistic, pantheism, luciferianism, etc)? One great source for theistic Satanism is Joy of Satan. This organization only believes in a separate pre-abrahamic Satan who was worshiped as...
  14. Serpent Child

    Looking for Ancient Egyptians Books

    These might help you. The family tree of Egyptian gods - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/294510252198461451/298508753446240256/1475939719602.jpg The Egyptian Book of the Dead - MEGA Maat Magic - MEGA The complete Summary of Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt - MEGA Handbook of...
  15. Serpent Child

    Is Joy of Satan really THAT bad?

    No. They believe all Abrahamic figures are not real and that there are human-hating ETs that are behind the name "Yahweh". They believe that different ET races look at humanity as a resource, for example how we look at the animal species Sheep as a resource. They believe in a Pre-Abrahamic...
  16. Serpent Child

    Race Mixing

    You literally need professional help and I'm not a neo-nazi and never will be, I'm a National Socialist. In my religious faith you only reincarnate in your racial lines, I was the races I am mixed with in past lives. I'm done with this relationship.
  17. Serpent Child

    Race Mixing

    As a mixed race person myself, I want to stop the race mixing propaganda literally everywhere and make sure people know the facts on race mixing. But no. I cannot stop what people do with their lives and bodies and its not my choice. All I can do is present the facts.
  18. Serpent Child

    Race Mixing

    ???? I don't hate myself, I know and love many mixed race people (friends and family). There are many unbiased academic studies that show the effects and results of race mixing. But I had no intention on arguing or debating, this thread is only for discussion and I wanted to know what others think.